Saturday, June 30, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 30.

30. Your favorite movie of all time

I've never really had a favourite that was the favourite - the one that stands above all the rest. After all, favourites are all pretty equal in my eyes, I tend to like them for different reasons, and often the only common thing all my favourites have is that I like them. Simple as that.

But for the purposes of this meme, I thought about which film I've rewatched and enjoyed the most as of late, and one that very quickly rose among the absolute favourites list and straight to the top, and also one that I think I will continue enjoying throughout the years to come - and the answer was 3 Idiots.

Again, no film is perfect, but 3 Idiots gets close - I love the characters, the friendships, the romance, the philosophy that underscores the plot, and the twists the story takes. There are weaker portions, but overall it is just such a strong film, and such a feel-good film to boot. 

Thanks for following this 30-day meme that temporarily took over my blog. Regular posts will continue in July, August etc. I've got tons of posts lined up and some still to type up and post. Project Consistency is going quite well, all things considered. 

You can find all the posts of this meme here.

Friday, June 29, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 29.

29. A movie from your childhood

When you begin watching Indian films aged 16, it's largely debatable whether you can have a childhood favourite. A teenage favourite?

Regardless, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge was maybe the third or fourth Hindi film I watched and probably the first one I properly fell in love with. I've waxed poetic about the film, and how it may not be that same magical experience for everybody, but on me it certainly worked like a charm. I can certainly see the film's flaws and problems, but it remains a film I'll gladly rewatch. The chemistry works, the story works, and even if the soundtrack is not the most amazing Jatin-Lalit soundtrack out there, that works splendidly on me as well.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 28.

28. Favorite movie from your favorite director

It's got to be Anniyan. I paused for a while to consider who my favourite director might be, after all, I've really got a couple whose films I always anticipate and generally tend to like. I suppose in a way I might like films of somebody other than S. Shankar more, but there's something about his absolutely bizarre, overflowingly visual style of film-making that just makes me so enamoured I'll watch even the not-so-good films by him. And Anniyan was my first, and it's the one I've rewatched the most, and I can't think of a single thing I'd change about it. It's just so entertaining and big and loud and out there, and perfect as such.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30 Days of Film - Days 25, 26 & 27.

25. The most hilarious movie you’ve ever seen

Even if I was doing this about all films I've seen, not just the Indian ones, Andaz Apna Apna would be a strong contender. I think it'd be a tough decision between it and my other absolute favourite comedy, This Is Spinal Tap, but luckily for this meme, I'm not forced to make a decision.

I realise AAA is very much a Your Mileage May Vary type of comedy, as I suppose all comedy is. It combines a standard plot line with absolutely hilarious foolish character, who have their moments of extraordinary wit as well. It's a loud slapstick comedy that also parodies Hindi films rather cleverly and successfully at times. It's over-the-top, yet the main cast of characters are all believable characters, stuck in this madcap universe. I was glad to see the director Rajkumar Santosh re-visit this kind of comedy in his 2009 film Ajab Prem  Ki Ghazab Kahani, which also wasn't universally popular but which I really enjoyed.

Even with the unofficial "continuation" (in style, not in plot) the film got in APKGK,  AAA stands in a league of its own.

26. A movie that you love but everyone else hates

This was nearly impossible to pick because while I might dislike some generally well-loved films, I normally don't love films that are universally loathed. In the end I settled for Darna Mana Hai, a silly 2003 "horror" ensemble film that is essentially just a loosely tied collection of "scary stories" that wouldn't scare a bunch of five year-olds at a camp site, much less a theater full of grown ups. Essentially it's nothing special, mostly remembered for its ridiculousness (the screencap here is from the story in which Shilpa Shetty plays a woman with a problematic relationship with .. you guessed it, apples!). 

But I have a soft spot for it regardless. Silly film with a silly premise, and a ridiculous "twist" of an ending in the frame story. Still, for all those features, it's got some pretty interesting little things going for it - Nana Patekar is as good as he always is, and the Saif Ali Khan - Boman Irani story is black comedy at its core, and hilarious at that. I've rewatched this film more times than I care to admit, though I'm sure most viewers aren't all that fond of it, because if its aim is to frighten you, it fails spectacularly. However, I wouldn't call it "hated" by any stretch, so this might be a bit of a miscategorization on my part, I just couldn't think of a better film to place in this category..

27. A movie that you wish you’d seen in theaters

Perhaps the over-filtered visual acid trip that was Kanthasamy would have been too much to handle on the big screen, but I still think I would've enjoyed the experience. If for nothing else, than the bizarreness of it all. I can't help but wonder what kind of an effect a film like this leaves on a viewer when witnessed on the big screen.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

30 Days of Film: Day 24.

24. Favorite movie from your favorite actress

Rani Mukherjii is just one of my favourite actresses, but there's a special something that makes her rise above the rest. Perhaps it's the fact she impresses in mediocre films as well as really superb ones, or the fact she's just classy and so very likable in just about everything she does. Hum Tum I picked because not only is it one of my most rewatched films and an utter favourite in the romantic comedy genre, it's also just a solid, very adult performance from Rani and it's the film that made her a favourite. Before Hum Tum, I thought there was a reason why she played second fiddle to Kajol in Karan Johar films. After Hum Tum, I realised she was equal to her cousin Kajol in beauty and in acting skills. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 23.

23. A movie you'd like to re-cast

Original category for this day was "favorite animation" but considering how little of those I've seen in Indian cinema and how little I liked what I've seen, I felt this would be a more fitting category.

I'm not the biggest fan of Ajay Devgan (sorry, Devgn, was it?) but I think he's an effective actor all the same. Put in the right roles, he performs well, and even though I personally don't see him as the most versatile of actors, I recognise other people may be of different opinions and love the hell out of the recent Golmaal films. More power to you!

However, I was always annoyed he was put in the role as the "youth leader" in Yuva. Other things annoyed me about Yuva as well - the film just felt way too long for the story it was trying to tell, and though there was the good (Abhishek, Rani), there was a lot of "meh" in between all the good. Ajay was always unfit for the role in my eyes, because he's at his best when his roles are allowed a little world-weariness. He can have humour, he can be a complete badass - but what I think Ajay's best roles have always had, even when he was quite young himself, was a certain steady maturity. To buy him as an aspiring campus politician, I don't know, it just never quite worked for me.

I was never one to be too harsh on Esha - given how much I liked her parents, I always wanted to see her blossom, eventually. Yet that never really quite happened, and she remained rather mediocre until she largely stopped working.  So if we're going to re-cast Ajay, we'll have to recast his opposite as well. 

So who to replace them? Tough.Yuva was filmed at a time when Shahid hadn't shown his Serious Acting chops yet (or his Acting chops altogether, really) and a lot of other younger stars hadn't really debuted. (And no, we're not casting Zayed Khan in this!) But does that really matter in fantasy casting? Let's put him, and Vidya (who was working in 2003 but not in Hindi films) opposite each other, and maybe in this alternate universe, Kismet Konnection was actually a good film? 

Then there are Kareena and Vivek - both harmless, both occasionally interesting and even cute in this film. However, for better examples of the same roles, you only have to look at the film's Tamil version, where Siddharth and Genelia, despite both being quite fresh at the whole "acting" thing, did well in the roles. Bonus? They both speak Hindi, so no problems there.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

30 Days of Film: Days 21, 22.

21. Favorite action movie

Yeah, Salman looks tired and those less bulky Southie youngsters can dance him under the table. Even so, I think as a remake, Wanted just works superbly well with balancing intrigue, action, romance and all the rest of it, and it's one of those absolute gems that never fail to entertain me, no matter how many times I find myself rewatching the film.

It has a charm and the great cast (Ayesha Takia is so good in this and enough can't be said about Prakash Raaj's Prakash Bad role!) under Prabhudeva's competent direction just heightens the whole thing.

22. Favorite movie from your least favorite actor

(Originally "favorite documentary" - feel free to change if you like.)

Try as I might, I don't like Priyanka Chopra. My dislike for her has never had anything to do with the rumours I hear about here these days - it's more a lukewarm feeling about performances that moved into active dislike when I saw how she was in a lot of films, and supposedly very appreciated for her acting and I just didn't see it at all. If anything, I found her grating on-screen. I thought Fashion was an okay-made film that sent a bunch of horrible messages, and all of her other performances ranged from inoffensive to just model-acting. She wasn't painful to watch or anything, but she was just so overrated I began to get annoyed.  At least Kareena had to put in some really solid, good performances to truly become A-list.

But I can honestly say I love her character and performance in Kaminey. If anything, this was the National Award-worthy performance, not Fashion; well-written role about a young woman who made her own choices and stuck by them, hell or high water, and who seemed like a very grounded, real character the whole time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

30 Days of Film - Days 19 & 20.

19. Favorite period film

 In the original meme, this was "Favorite movie based on a book/comic/etc" but since again, Indian films either don't do those enough (I could think of around 6 films that I've seen that are adaptations of novels, and I didn't feel like that was a big enough pool to choose a favourite from), I decided to alter this category a bit. As always, if you feel like doing this meme and changing it back to its original, feel free.

There's been many decent period films done in Hindi films, as well as Tamil and Telugu films (though again, my experience with the latter is limited). For a moment I considered picking Jodhaa-Akbar, because for all its flaws, I remember the good bits the best - the epic scale, the fantastic songs, the strong performances and chemistry between the two leads. But then I remembered Lagaan, the director's previous period epic. I rewatched Lagaan not too long ago and it is just such a well-made film. No matter how many times I've seen it, I still find the story gripping and enjoyable. The songs are an absolute delight, the performances are well-rounded.. It is truly a modern classic, and I'm sure I'll continue to enjoy it in the coming years.

20. Favorite movie from your favorite actor

'Chiyaan' Vikram is synonymous with great, varied performances, so you must be thinking, "She could've picked Pithamagan, or Deiva Thirumagal, or Anniyan or Raavanan, or Kasi, or.." and yes, I know full-well I could've. But rather than the best performance, this meme calls for a favourite film, and as far as favourites go, it's nigh-impossible to find something I love more than Dhool.

It was the film that introduced me to Tamil masala and to Vikram, Jothika, Vivek - all these people I'd come soon to consider favourites. I realise in retrospect that to some it might be a solid masala but nothing special, and endless rewatches have shown me that the plot does wear thin on you. What remain entertaining, though, are the performances, the comedy, the songs, and the film's ability to build really good masala out of a plot that is fairly standard (one brave villager against corrupt police and corrupt politicians).

And Vikram here looks great and acts great (whether in comedy, romance or action!). If I needed to introduce somebody to Vikram, I doubt I'd go wrong in picking this film. It's just that good.

Monday, June 18, 2012

30 Days of Film: Days 17 & 18.

17. A movie that disappointed me most

This was a hard choice for me, because typically I either enter a film with moderate expectations or then high expectations but don't come out of it that disappointed (ie when a film is good and favourite for many people but doesn't quite make it among my favourites, I don't consider that a grave disappointment). There just hasn't been that many a time when I've had to dismiss a film as a complete disappointment - a lot of bad films, or films I did not enjoy at all, I probably saw the badness coming.

Naseeb ended up a disappointment purely on the basis that it just didn't really grab me, and ended up being a mediocre film experience, despite so many things going for it; the star-studded cast, the guest appearances, a film maker whose style I normally love (Manmohan Desai). The story motifs were familiar from other Manmohan Desai films, so no problems there. The DVD I had was a pretty bland print in terms of colour vivacity but other than that, I can't figure out why this film was just so dull for me. It had songs, action, cutesy romance - what precisely was lacking here? I just have no clue. But maybe it's the puzzlement that adds to the disappointment..

18. A movie that I wish more people would see

A dark and hopeless story about a group of disabled beggars and the man who abandons his family to join a  rather extreme ascetic sect of Hinduism, whose rituals include drugs and even consuming the dead? Yep, not your usual fare, perhaps. 

Never the less, Naan Kadavul is one of those haunting, incredible films that I could probably never sit through again, but still ponder every now and then. Tamil director Bala always manages to carve strange stories out of the people on the outskirts of mainstream society, and this is one film where he really goes to some extremes. The experience is as horrible as it is mesmerizing. And did I mention the title means "I am god"?

Yep, I definitely wish more people would see this film.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

30 Days of Film: Day 16

16. A movie you used to love but now hate

Kal Ho Naa Ho. By far. Easily. (I'm sorry.)

The first time I saw KHNH, I fell in love with Saif, and the songs so much I kind of forgot any problems I had with the plot. This was early days for me as an Indian cinema aficionado, so I was easily swept off my feet by an entertaining film that just gave you everything from big emotions to funny comedy, good songs to glamorous sets. 

And then I rewatched it. And rewatched. And rewatched it. And with each rewatch, the manipulativeness of Shahrukh's character on the second half, the ridiculousness of the plot overall, all of these problems added to each other until it was to the point where I could no longer enjoy the things I used to enjoy so much on the first watch. 

Perhaps my mistake was rewatching it in the first place, but then, when you really enjoy a film on the first watch, you don't tend to think the experience will turn sour on the second. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 15.

15. A character who you can relate to the most

It's hard to name a single character from the brilliant cast of college-aged friends in Rang De Basanti that I relate to the most. I think they all have these aspects of what being young, sometimes brave, sometimes completely uncertain, sometimes comfortable with yourself and at times unsure of who you really are and what your true potential is. Plus the role that friendship plays in their lives is something I relate to so much - my friends really are a second family of sorts, sharing joys and burdens, and shaping my view of the world constantly. 

No small wonder that the film caught on in such a huge way with the young audiences in India; the characters are extremely relatable, and so real and well-written to boot. So I can't name only one of them - it has to be a combination of them.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 14.

14. A movie that no one would expect you to love

This was a tough pick, because I'm pretty predictable in my choices. Films with favourites rate higher for me than films with no favourites, and films that made actors a favourite obviously usually become insta-favourites altogether. But I think Meera, at the time when I watched it, was not a film I expected to really enjoy all that much. Sure, I liked Hema Malini, but I didn't think this slow-moving biopic of Mirabai, a Hindu saint, would precisely be my thing. Of course, the visuals are great, the music is pretty good as well, and perhaps best of all, the film has solid performances from both Hema and Vinod Khanna, who I didn't really know when I first watched it. 

I confess I'm still not huge on arthouse, and will usually only give it a go if a film piques my curiosity for whatever reason. Gulzar's films are never quite arthouse, but they straddle the inbetween area betweent art and commercial cinema, and I think Meera being a favourite of mine is still definitely the exception, not the rule.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

30 Days of Film: Days 11, 12 & 13.

11. A movie that changed your opinion about something

I think there are three ways in which my liking of an actor can go. The first one is that I like them right off the bat, which usually happens with favourites - the first impression is so good they've made a fan out of me. The second one is that I give stars another bite at that apple, I keep watching them in films, hoping something will click and I'll begin to really enjoy their work. The third option is that the first impression is so negative I'm unlikely to give them another fair chance, unless by complete accident.

With Akshay Kumar, it was the second option. I never disliked the guy, I just never got what made him so popular - he seemed to do shlocky films and contribute mediocre performances to them. Then I watched Hera Pheri, the popular 2000 comedy that's not amazing, but is on the right side of silly, and can be incredibly funny. And I suddenly understood Akshay. His coming timing was great here, and his looks suddenly became appealing, and from thereon I understood his acting appeal and charm. From Hera Pheri onwards I was also more willing to watch films with him.

12. A movie that you hate

Hate is such a strong word, but okay. There are films that bug me because the plots have really questionable morals praised as the height of morality, or stupid people being stupid, or self-congratulatory directors doing pretentious crap and then saying whoever dislikes it just doesn't get it. There are a ton of annoying films like that, and briefly I considered saying Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, because it combines a bit of all of the aforementioned characteristics, but to be honest, I don't hate KANK that much, and it probably doesn't deserve half the vitriol it gets.

Then there are films that are just colossal waste of an opportunity, and then there are really, really bad films. Tu Chor Main Sipahi is both at once. It's a painfully terrible film that could have been redeemed by the chemistry between its two leads (Saif Ali Khan & Akshay Kumar) but it chooses to have them act out the most painful dialogues, play the most insipid characters. Did I mention the film has Tabu in it? What a waste. It's also boring, so doesn't even tickle that "so bad it's good" bone. 

It's almost just sad, really.

13. A movie that is a guilty pleasure

I tend to be pretty open and unashamed of what I like. I mean, when one of my legitimate favourites is Main Khiladi Tu Anari, I can hardly call other favourites, no matter how crappy, a guilty pleasure. Besides, there are as many tastes as there are people - a uniformly condemned movie still has its passionate fans, and a loved film its share of haters.

But perhaps what makes Namastey London a guilty pleasure is not that it's not good, just that it's not as good as it probably should be to be such a favourite. I never expected this spry little romcom to be such an infinitely rewatchable film as it turned out to be. For one, I still don't think this is Katrina Kaif's best performance, even though her chemistry with Akshay is very good here. Secondly, I think logically I should have tons of tiny feminist niggles about the plot, yet somehow I don't. Third, the film has the sheer void of talent that is Upen Patel, and the soundtrack is horrific Himesh Reshmiyya and his nasal vocals. And all that before I've even mentioned the annoying "white people are all horrible evil racists" scenes.. And yet, I still really like this film, and I've rewatched it a ton of times and it never fails to cheer me up.

Go figure.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 10.

10. Favorite classic movie

Volumes have already been written about Sholay, so much so that to some people it might appear like the most overrated film in the history of Indian film, but I suppose that's the risk you undoubtedly run, when dealing with such a famous picture. For me, it was a film of many firsts - first 70's film, first proper oldie film, first film with young Amitabh, first I'd seen of Hema, Dharam, Jaya, Sanjeev... It became a favourite instantly and stayed that way through numerous rewatches. I'll be honest - it does lack some things, does drag on a bit towards the end, but the story, the characters, as a whole, I've always understood why it's a classic and always loved it as such.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

30 Days of Film: Day 9.

9. A movie with the best soundtrack

This was far from being an easy pick, but there's just something about how obsessed I was with this soundtrack, how its rustic sound makes it infinitely listenable and it's got everything from haunting beautiful tunes (Naina) to danceable, rocking songs (Namak, Beedi) and beautiful ballads (Jag Ja). It's just perfection, and the combination of the film and the soundtrack works well. Long live Vishal Bhardwaj.

Friday, June 8, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 8.

8. A movie you’ve seen countless times

Who's surprised? No one? Okay. 

I debated whether this ought to count as a guilty pleasure or not, but I guess I'm kind of beyond considering Main Khiladi Tu Anari a guilty pleasure. It's just a pleasure, plain and simple, and I'm constantly recommending others try it out, and I have seen it around as many times as the number of this post is, if not more. It's just such an entertaining film, with all the 90's bizarreness you could ask for, and some you probably would not ask for (can we talk about how disturbing the romance b-plots in this film are? good grief!).

And just at the off chance that somebody who's reading this hasn't read any of my multiple posts on this film: it's a fun, cheesy 90's Akshay Kumar-Saif Ali Khan buddy cop comedy type of film, where Saif plays an actor who tails Akki, who is the most badass cop ever. The plot is weird, the villain is hilarious, the romance is non-existant, and the chemistry between Akki and Saif is what really makes it worthwhile. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

30 Days of Film: Days 6 & 7.

6. Your favorite film from your favorite comedian

In the original version of this meme, when I took it from a blog where the person mainly watched English language films, Day 6 was "Favorite made for TV movie". To my knowledge, India doesn't really make films for TV, or at least I've never seen one, so I altered this a bit. If you're looking to do this meme for all cinema, feel free to change it back to its original form, or alter it again, I really don't mind.

Saamy is a nice Vikram action entertainer which also stars Trisha, but what really pushed it from an okay film I might enjoy rewatching to a film I knew I had to own, was the Vivek comedy track. In the film, he plays a priest that points of logical fallacies and superstitions of people that make no sense, or would be more beneficial to society if ceased. While I can't say I connect to any of these points as I'm not from the culture where these practises exist, I like the societal flavour to the comedy, and Vivek is just great in general. (For a general, and weirdly enough, bilingual review of the film, click here.)

7.  The most surprising plot twist or ending

Truth be told, I'm not huge on plot twists or surprise endings. In my mind, far too many stories rely on them - the "I didn't see that coming" can be awesome when it's actually well-built in terms of little clues that you as the viewer didn't pay enough attention to. In things like thrillers or other suspense-filled genre flicks, you almost expect the big plot twist, so much so that if one arrives, you probably did see it coming, because your brain already worked out all the potential alternatives. What I'm saying is - in certain ways, the plot twist has become a cliché.

There are certainly bad examples (Race) of plot twists, but favourites, hmm. I always had a soft spot for Abhishek's Bluffmaster, even if it is a remake ... and because it is one, it doesn't really count, does it now?

Then there's the film where the plot twist is so good, you almost don't want to mention the film, as to not spoil it to anyone. You'll probably know which one I mean if I just say this: Kolkatta...

That confusing note is all I'll say about my favourite.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 5.

5. Favorite love story in a movie

In a cinema so rich with different love stories, this was a hard one to pick. To go for an overwhelmingly cute b-plot love story, or an epic romance? A classic or a lesser known film? In the end, the answer was obvious. Fanaa is romance as only Hindi films do it - a little short on things like plausibility and logic perhaps, but so high in emotional potency, and chemistry between leads. The initial fluffy first half is just okay, but where the film really delivers is the second half. 

I don't talk about Fanaa an awful lot, perhaps because the story in it can be so devastating it's not precisely the easiest to rewatch. But what you might not know is that I was absolutely obsessed with this film back in 2006 when it was only coming out, and was following all the promotional materials and just could not wait to see the film. Unlike some other films I've anticipated since that fell rather short of my hopes, I feel like Fanaa delivered. For anybody who wanted to see what Kajol and Aamir would be with one another, I cannot imagine a more interesting set-up or roles for them to portray with one another. 

It's far, far from being a flawless film. There are some excesses and cheesiness I wish the film had steered clear of, but as a love story, it certainly gives you what you want - as well as stomps on your heart a little. Well, a lot, actually..

Monday, June 4, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 4.

4. A movie that makes you sad

I don't think there is a film that is more of a perfect tearjerker than Paa out there in the world. It completely caught me off-guard in how it tugged at every heart-string I had, and how strongly it made me buy into the premise that should've perhaps been a little too hard to swallow (mainly the gimmick-y idea that here was Amitabh Bachchan playing the son to his own son, Abhishek). But somehow the film pulls it off brilliantly. The plot is Hindi films' stock-in-trade of a family coming together after being separated, but the how's and why's of the story are just well-told and the performances lift the story into major tearjerker territory. 

Everything from the love story between Abhishek and Vidya Balan's characters to the father-son relationship just makes me weep. I was a complete mess after watching the film; so much so I haven't dared to rewatch it. I suppose it's a bit of a misnomer to say this is a film that makes me sad - sometimes you cry because something is touching, or precious, or beautiful, or finally happening. It's only part of the time that you in cry in Paa because it's making you sad. 

For truly, truly depressing cinema, I tend to go for Tamil director Bala's hopeless brand of cinema, but for a tearjerker, Paa is unbeatable for me.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

30 Days of Film Meme - Day 3.

3. A movie that makes you really happy

Honestly, this is a big category of films altogether, but when I thought about this and glanced at my DVD collection, the DVD case for Aaja Naachle just kind of jumped out at me. It's perfect feel-good entertainment, though not precisely the kind that's carrying a particularly thoughtful message. I think it exemplifies a genre of film where everybody ends up happy - those who you root for to get together, get together, the heroes emerge victorious, the villain learns a lesson and stops being such a big meanie. Yes, it's candy-fluff but sometimes, that's really all you require out of a film.

Bonus: vibrant older female lead, fun songs, great ensemble cast. Aaja Naachle just kind of has it all.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 2.

2. The most underrated movie

Tightly plotted and cleverly written comedy filled with old favourites (who doesn't like Boman Irani?) and new likable faces (Kunal Khemu is awesome, Soha Ali Khan is always solid). So explain to me why it sometimes feel like it's just me and Filmi Girl who watched 99? The directors went on to do Shor in the City, which was a pretty popular little-film-that-could that seemed to make a lot of people's "underrated 2011 films" list, so everybody of you reading who enjoyed that film, please seek out 99. It's a good time, I promise you. For more persuasion, please see previously linked reviews from yours truly and FG. 

It's even got Vinod Khanna! Like, come on now.

PS. It looks the directors of this film are re-uniting with Kunal Khemu and Saif Ali Khan in their next one! I'm too psyched.

Friday, June 1, 2012

30 Days of Film Meme - Day 1.

This is a meme I saw circling around in a couple of places and decided to make it cover all days of June. Since it's all for films in general and this is a blog about Indian films, I'm going to alter certain days.

These are going to smaller posts, not very lengthy, but then, there is 30 of them coming your way.. Hope you enjoy! (And feel free to do this meme in your own blog, should you so wish.)

1. The best movie you saw during the last year

If I'll be completely honest, it was a toss-up between this and Deiva Thirumagal. Kahaani also rated higher in my books, but because Deiva Thirumagal had a couple of things that kind of bothered me, and as intriguing and well-written as Kahaani was, I'm unsure whether I'll rewatch it, so for that, I think The Dirty Picture takes the cake. It's fun, it's heroine-driven, filled with good songs and great performances, and on top of all that, it's surprisingly thought-provoking for a masala film.

And it's as good an excuse as any to post this smoking hot picture of Emraan and Vidya.