Sunday, June 10, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 10.

10. Favorite classic movie

Volumes have already been written about Sholay, so much so that to some people it might appear like the most overrated film in the history of Indian film, but I suppose that's the risk you undoubtedly run, when dealing with such a famous picture. For me, it was a film of many firsts - first 70's film, first proper oldie film, first film with young Amitabh, first I'd seen of Hema, Dharam, Jaya, Sanjeev... It became a favourite instantly and stayed that way through numerous rewatches. I'll be honest - it does lack some things, does drag on a bit towards the end, but the story, the characters, as a whole, I've always understood why it's a classic and always loved it as such.


Mette said...

I've only seen Sholay once but still love it. It's not my favourite classic movie, but one of them.

veracious said...

It has no shortage of fans, that's for sure. :)