Thursday, February 4, 2010

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

...Uday Chopra tweets about Star Wars.

Goodnight Twitter-chlorians...may the force be with you...

I am blown away by the sheer twit of that pun. (See what I did there?) No, wait --

...for those who didn't get it...Twitter-chlorians was a reference to midi-chlorians...ya I know most of u still may not get it

Dude, we got it. Second of all, midichlorians are microorganisms in all living things. So essentially you compared the almighty Twitterati to cell chemistry. WTF's that all about? I should have your imaginary French mother slap you for that! Non?

But if I was to take this line of thinking further than Uday is even capable of, he's basically suggesting that we're not living things as such, we're just a part of other living organisms, just like a ribosome or something. Ribosomes are important, but they can't, you know, speak, vote, tweet or go see Uday Chopra films in theaters. Or maybe, as midichlorians, what is important is the count of them - so what is important to Uday is not that people are interacting with each other on Twitter, but that they're following him and adding to his follower count.

I guess what I'm saying is follow Yoda, not Uday Chopra on Twitter.

@juniorbachchan "Young Jedi"!!!? I'm a Master some respect!!!

It's "Jedi master", not "master Jedi". Also, if Bollywood was a Jedi academy, you would be one of those foot-tall younglings, not Mace Windu sitting comfortably in the council. Let's be real here.

..I'm going to the planet Hoth in the Hoth's freezing there

Now we know how the Imperial troops find out about the rebels staying in Hoth. I'm not usually a fan of revisionist history but Let's Blame Uday Chopra For Everything is my kind of theorizing.

Landing on the icy planet of young paduans today

PADAWANS. Pa-da-wans. And may the Force be with those poor padawans, to face such trials at a young age.

Morning all...thought for today..."Build your foundations with the stones thrown at you"...have an awesome day y'all

Uday's going to have some house, I can tell you that much. And I'm glad to have helped him out.


ajnabi said...

Oh dear Lord. The man's going to have a mansion. With a guest house.

Bollywood said...
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Smitha said...

Nothing brings me more happiness than showing everyone what a tool this guy is.


anitarama said...

I know I said this before and you all told me I was crazy, but these tweets SERIOUSLY make me like Uday more. I'm laughing my ass off at his attempts at using Star Wars, which I am OBSESSED WITH, improperly to impress random people on the internet. DY-INNNG!!! XD

veracious said...

:D :D :D

Anita - That's the thing, I hope people are like "wait that's not right" and realize he's a huge tool, and don't go like "omg Uday Chopra's such an awesome geek". He's not! He's a wannabe-geek; the worst kind. ;)

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

My new favorite dis: "I should have your imaginary French mother slap you for that!" I'm SO using that :)

Margaret said...

I'm watching Parvarish right now! I love the song by the railroad tracks. I know, I know! Suicide's not funny...but this song is great!