Tuesday, February 23, 2010

70's week: The fashion, the decorations, are wah!

My first post on the plot aspect of Parvarish might've been a little drab in tone but here we are at the epicentre of the many joys that 70's masala has to offer. The clothes! The villain lairs (as pictured above, with the all-around-the-clock dancing girls and pit of quicksand!), the lavishly decorated funky rooms!

The must-have red phones. For us goris and goras this might mostly bring to mind the 60's Batman television series, but be honest, doesn't that just make it all the more awesome?

The fat phobics of today may dislike Neetu's jeans tummy but I for one adore it to pieces.

"Do they have any non-tight pants in the 70's?" I asked my friend Mog as we were watching this film.

"I'm trying not to look at the pants region," she replied. "My eyes are constantly drawn towards it."

"I've stopped trying," I admitted.

This room is awesome and totally fit for the song where Amitabh has a creepy blond wig on and he sexually harrasses Neetu who pretends to be the maid.

And she's wearing this, naturally. Also note round bed. Now if only it spun.

German flag sweater! If only he could see into the future of international Hindi cinema fandom and realize that Shahrukh is that country's choice of Bollywood star. Come on, Deutschland, Amitabh liebt ihr auch!

I don't know what this ensemble is but I guess Amjad can rock it, too.

..just not as hard as these guys.

While the leather cap might be the most outrageous thing worn in Parvarish, and it's certainly not the most famous 70's flick, fashionwise, there's something great about it, nonetheless.

It's all good.

But if your heart does desire more outrageously unique 70's fashion, take a look at these..

Tum Haseen Main Jawaan - Maa - Dharam-Veer. Nice!

Wednesday's post will be on romance storylines & heroines.

Oh and as you'll notice I put the brilliant 70's Week badge by V Love Movies in the sidebar under "currently..." - I think I'll keep this feature even after 70's Week ends, to highlight recent cool posts or whatever. It's a feature I think Filmi Girl had up at some point which I really liked.


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I think Vinod could wear anything and still look utterly hadnsome. I cant even think of anything else after seeing his screencaps.

Of course Hema in electric blue rocks ad well :)

veracious said...

We are definitely in agreement on both points. :D

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Heehee we are so of one mind on this film. You've chosen many of my favorite bits - Amitabh and Vinod's matching tennis shirts, for example.

Despite my man viewings of this film, I have never been able to figure out whether in that hotel/disguise song Neetu and Amitabh realize who the other is. Any combination of knowledge/not-knowledge works for me, and I just cannot figure out what's going on!

veracious said...

The tennis shirts stood out because my friends went "OH NO!" when they saw it and I instantly replied "Oh yes."

My understanding is that he's figured it out but she hasn't, and he's playing along even though he knows she's back to her stealing ways by posing as a maid to steal the clock. But you're right, it is tricky.

Anirban said...

Amazing post. I am looking for some Bollywood style 70s clothing.

Amrita said...

What, the pink bed doesn't spin? I could have sworn it did but it might just have been my subconscious filling in because there's just so much What The HEYYYYYYY going on in that number, my poor brain simply can't keep up.

Every time I see the villain lair of Parvarish, i'm struck anew by how totally fabulous it all is. Why isnt that art director a household name? WHY?

bollyviewer said...

Are we sure Manmohan Desai didnt design the costumes and sets himself, and then plonked down the names of actual designers and art directors to confuse us?

veracious said...

Anirban - Thanks!

Amrita - Indeed! I love the decorations, they encapsulate the visual world of the 70's for me.

Bollyviewer - Hahaha, this is a good theory. :)