Saturday, February 27, 2010

70's week: Fangirl Pause.

There seems to be some sort of consensus among female film viewers of the heterosexual persuasion that post-1990's Hindi cinema is where you find the hotties, or even more specifically, the newer heroes, think after 2001 or so. Southie stars are disregarded for having moustaches and being too old, based on the massive star status of Rajnikanth, Chiranjeevi and the like.

You know, to each their own and it's true that the gym-going hero in the style of Hrithik Roshan or John Abraham is a fairly recent trend. Emphasis on dancing abilities, which a lot of people find attractive, is also a recent invention - the level of choreography has risen considerably when compared to older films where a lot of songs had no dance choreography at all.

So in a sense I can understand this idea of male eyecandy only being found in newer Hindi films. But at the same time, I don't undersign this that much - the most handsome Indian actors I know are an older Southie actor and an actor whose primary career was during the 70's.

So there.

But as anybody who finds these pre-fitness craze stars attractive will probably tell you, the perceived superficiality actually has layers to it. I mean, I know personally I can't find an actor physically attractive unless I also find something enjoyable in their acting. There has to be something there - a talent, an intensity, character, personality..

And while this may all sound like hopelessly pretentious waffling about, it's just how I see it. There has to be something there beyond handsome exterior. If there isn't, then I might as well look at a magazine, not moving pictures. On celluloid you have to give out some emotion - otherwise what's the point?

Of course, it's all subjective. Which is why I can't make any judgments against other people's tastes, and why I hope nobody will make any against mine; some people see what I don't, and I'll see what they do not.

And before you quit reading this post thinking, "Wait, this is your idea of a fangirl post? This stupid reflective ramble?", I'll stop writing and instead let you enjoy screencaps of 70's Vinod Khanna films without my commentary.

Because the man is tall and handsome and intense and yeah, guh. I'll save the rest of my honest-to-god-fangirling (sans thinkythoughts!) for Khanna Week in May (brainchild of Beth but in co-operation with yours truly & Old is Gold and anybody else who wishes to join!).

Not sure who coined the term "thinking angry young man" to describe his work in the 70's but I like it a lot. And Bollywood501's description is also forever apt.


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

But of course I agree with you every step of the way Veracious! Vinod was, is and will be THE man, (right along with Feroz too pls!)as far as macho-ness goes. It is always good for the men to be men :)There was never a sadder moment than him being shot in Wanted- argh, and Qurbani- double argh. I am going to have to think up for something for May- do announce what dates.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Hindi films have altered my fangirl aesthetics - first Vinod (I've never tended toward "macho" or "manly-man"), then Abhishek with stubble (I'm staunchly anti-facial hair). Fun fun!

Khanna-o-rama is going to be WONDERFUL. We need to pick some days!

Amrita said...

And at last we have a "My Name is Khanna" post!

About time, too!

veracious said...

Shweta - I suggested first week of May to the co-operators.

I still need to see Qurbani. Ack!

Beth - I'm not sure I had opinions on facial hair but Indian films have made me appreciate variety in it. Pretty sure the manpain appreciation developed while watching .. don't remember looking for it before I watched Achanak, haha.

Amrita - Glad you enjoyed. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad to hear of this upcoming event. For me, no one (Amitab Bachan et al.) could touch Vinod's capacity for pathos as an actor (to say nothing of looks!). Shashi is cute as a button, but that may also be what makes it difficult for him to communicate suffering to an audience or to elicit such strong feelings of sympathy for his character.

Vinod is strong, vulnerable, and good looking. What more could one want?