Monday, February 15, 2010

The easiest way to live to 90! The concept of Pran Years.

This meme will hopefully spread like wildfire around the internet because not only does it honor the lifework of Pran Krishnan Sikand, it's also a fantastic way to disguise your real age, should you want to do so. (Pran's birthday was recently so this is topical, too!)

Pran Years also puts out a challenge to all who consider themselves Pran fans. You can't really go all completist on a filmography that boasts nearly 300 titles ...but you can try!

So here's the math of Pran Years.

* Each year is as many Pran Years as the films he made that particular year. For a lack of a better source, IMDb will be our source for Pran filmography.

* If Pran didn't make any films that year, it counts as two Pran Years, because that year was still in during the lifetime of Pran.

* Should you wish to count your grandmother's Pran Years, and she was born before Pran (that is, before 1920), any year before Pran's birth counts as one Pran year.

So let's math it out!

Pran's last film appearance was in 2003 so between that and now there are 14 Pran Years (henceforth PY). I was born in 1987 so my PY count comes up to 69. My dad, however, is 251 PY-old. Even a millennium child would be 16 in PY!

Pointless? Silly? Yes! But also a lot of fun.

A much more difficult way to live up to 90 years old, by the way, is actually living to 90 years old, which Pran admirably has. May he live well beyond that.


anitarama said...

I'm 53 Pran Years old! :DDDD

Rosalind Francis said...

If I've got this right, I have 116 Pran years!

veracious said...

All around impressive numbers. :D

Brian Naas said...

I'm too tired to do the math but did you read the book by any chance? Sometimes it feels like every other movie I see from the 60's and 70's has Pran sneering in it. I think he is great.