Friday, April 18, 2008

Introducing Sakshay, part III: Yeh Dillagi

Yeh Dillagi is the movie I wouldn't recommend watching for Sakshay, but would strongly recommend watching for Kajol. Of course, never forgetting that we're walking through the fashion minefield of the 90's, and Yeh Dillagi is more a harmless fluff fest than a masterpiece to be remembered by future generations.

Akshay and Saif play brothers in this re-modelling of the Hollywood classic Sabrina. Kajol is naturally the stunning heroine, who both of the brothers fall for. Standard plot with standard treatment - it is a Yash Chopra-produced film, after all.

But there are highlights! Akshay gets to be the nerd who kicks ass when necessary (read: to save Saif's butt), Saif shows his comic timing, probably for the first time ever, and it's actually pretty delightful despite mullet. And Kajol, god bless her, delivers both beauty and charisma on-screen, even in some questionable fashion choices.

The soundtrack has the composer going crazy on the keyboards, but I rather adore it regardless. "Ole ole" is a hilarious Saif guilty pleasure that always gets stuck in my head, and the other Saif song, "Hoton pe bas" is a dumb song with a silly picturization (those dance moves! oh 90's!) but I find myself rewatching it anyway.

It's been quite a while since I watched this film, so if there were any significant flaws in the movie other than the fact it is in no way a masterpiece, I've forgotten about them. Akshay-Kajol chemistry did not exactly blow me away, and I find myself hoping for another Saif-Kajol movie, because their comic timings match well and this remains the only watchable movie the two were in together.

For a fluffy but ultimately pretty forgettable 90's ride, enjoy this mischief. Yes, I do sound like a half-assed DVD cover tag line, sometimes.


Smitha said...

Oh my god, they're so young in that picture!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

While Saif was some what annoying, i prefer him to Akshay's "sweet, docile" act, which is far more iriitating- the latter wks way better when he plays a bad boy- i think. And Kajol shines like always....

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this in ages but I remember that I liked it. Totally fluffy!!!!! (especially the hair)

yves said...

Wow, what a picture! Where'd you find it? Isn't Kajol amazing. I had wanted to watch the film, being what I am about her (but now out of respect to Ajay...), but had read it was rather ... (negative word!)
So, who knows?

veracious said...

smitha - I know, I love it.

shweta - I don't remember much but I do remember that I wasn't crazy about Akshay in this movie and also preferred Saif. But of course, I am horribly biased.

memsaab - Oh the hair. ;D

yves - I can't recall where I found the picture. Some Kajol website, I'm pretty sure. Maybe bollywood501? Great older pic resource. It's not an original story, so the film is not amazing but I don't Kajol fans will be hugely disappointed.

Lakshay said...

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