Thursday, April 17, 2008

The ride of your life. Dharam-Veer.

Parvarish is the most delicious Manmohan Desai movie I've seen so far, and Amar Akbar Anthony is the best. But the most memorable? Dharam-Veer without a doubt.

The film takes a standard plot, turns it upside down three times, places it in a weird, alternative universe type of historical setting where 70's fashion, Ancient Rome and Rajput kings live in perfect Technicolour harmony. From samurais to horses to gypsies to Dharmendra in a leather mini-skirt, this film has quite simply got it all.

It's an undoubtedly whacky ride all the way through. Dharmendra and Jeetendra play the friends who sing about the glories of their friendship, and the film juggles the story of their pasts, about five villains, and love stories with Zeenat (cruel and cold princess of sorts tamed by Dharmendra's goofy hijinks and love!) and Neetu (bold, awesome gypsie girl who Jeetendra falls for).

It's a film you probably shouldn't miss.

PS. It has pirates in it, too.


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Dharmendra in a skirt! It cant get better than this :D this one is going on my list of must sees

Unknown said...

Heh, this sounds like quality entertainment :D! I have to add it to my must-see list!

Anonymous said...

Except for Dharmendra in his chaddis, I can't imagine anything better than him in a leather mini skirt! I may have to call in sick to work and go in search of this :-)

Anonymous said...

Delicious review!