Friday, April 4, 2008

Introducing Sakshay, part II: Aarzoo

As my selected order for the Sakshay movie posts in this blog go, it's from bad to ...slightly less bad. Aarzoo (title means desire, mostly referring to the desire you have to get those hours of your life back after you finish watching) is a most typical love triangle with some frankly stupid twists thrown in. It's like the first Sakshay film, Yeh Dillagi, only completely devoid of anything making it worth watching.

Madhuri plays a lovely girl who loves Akshay who loves Saif. Just kidding. Saif pines after Madhuri, as well. And boy how he pines. He's simply the most emo, pathetic little Madhuri fanboy in this movie, who writes a diary about how much he likes her. But she likes Akshay, and then things go really bad, and then there is a twist and then there's intermission, and then there's another twist and then .. well, do you really care?

The dynamic as love rivals is not very fruitful in this movie for our guys and Madhuri, as lovely as she is, doesn't lift the film to greater heights, either. There is a tribute scene to Main Khiladi Tu Anari, the One Sakshay Film To Rule Them All, but it's so shoddily executed I weep.

Here's a scene where hair continuity error works for Saif's benefit. No mullet! (The film was made in 2000, aka the year of mullet transition.) There is also a song in the film where Madhuri sings and fantasizes Saif with more wind machine than probably legal in most countries, but I just ..don't warm up to this movie.

It's not devastatingly bad, has its "so bad it's kind of amusing!" moments but nothing makes it stand out, and nothing makes me want to recommend it to anybody outside the diehard Sakshay completists. So that's, um, basically just me.


anitarama said...

I care what the twists are, please tell me! :)

veracious said...

SPOILERS to all casual readers who might care.

Akshay and Madhuri luv each other and have teh sex0rz. Saif acts all nice guy and puts Akshay on a plane THAT CRASHES. Madhuri, being naturally pregnant because sex=babies, ALWAYS, is devastated and in order to save her reputation, Saif marries her. They live for years in unhappy matrimony, until DUN DUN DUNNNNN - Akshay returns! He wasn't dead after all! He goes all moustached bad guy on them until he like reveals to Madhuri what a disturbing fanboy Saif was all along and that he himself is back. Then some stuff happens and the movie ends on a really ridiculous note I won't mention here.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

You know, I think it may have been a lot more fun if they had adopted ur Mudhuri loves Saif who loves Akshay idea :D

anitarama said...

Bahahahahaha!! Soooo Bollywood. :P

veracious said...

Shweta - too true. ;)

Ani - tell me about it. :D