Wednesday, February 27, 2008

That small difference. Dil Chahta Hai & Parampara.

Friendship in the 00's: you meet him at college, you get to know each other, you go on a road trip to Goa and goof around in the sun for the dorks you are.

Friendship in the 90's: you meet him at college, you get to get to know each other, play some music together, fence, and realize you are both destined to kill one another.

The former dosti is of course, Dil Chahta Hai, a movie known by nearly all and loved by most. I'm huge on DCH, it climbs high places on all of the following; my overall favourites, my modern favourites, my favourite Aamir films, my favourite Saif films, my favourite soundtracks.. I just simply really adore it.

The latter is Parampara, a 1993 Yash Chopra (!) film, which isn't too easy to find so despite having two of today's biggest stars (Saif and Aamir) and even one yesteryear star (Vinod in his 90's avatar), not all that many Bollyfans seem to have picked this one up. When you see it, you know exactly why.

Parampara drinking game; take one whenever they say the word parampara (means tradition, by the way). Take two whenever they say parampara in connection with the word khoon (blood, also in the verb khoon kiya - to kill).

If you do manage to dig up this film somewhere, please note the fact this is my man Saif Ali Khan's first film. He's all kinds of ridiculous but, I do also want to point out, oh-so-young.

I believe the less said about Vinod in this film, the better. I mean, I love his guts but sometimes too old is too old is too old.

To summarize Parampara, I will use the only screencap I will ever need of Dil Chahta Hai:

Thank you and good night.


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I have seen it! and the hair adnd the clothes- omg I still remember those crazy fashions. :)
he has a really tiny role in "pehchaan" released the same year, so I always assumed that was his 1st- I stand corrected :)

Anonymous said...

I am sad to say that I even own thing about the film is Saif's mullet :-D

veracious said...

shweta - the fashion were oh so 90s. Oh oh oh so 90's. But it was amusing. And yeah, this is his first, I believe, as it said "introducing". Though you can never be too sure, IMDb lists Pehchaan as his first film. *shrugs*

memsaab - I own it, too, though I didn't have to pay for it (I just owe somebody a favor for it!). Oh that mullet. It's surprisingly unoffensive in this movie. Or maybe I just have a thick skin when it comes to that mullet.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Proving that the fates work in our favor sometimes, I was at a friend's house today (still in Vienna) and we were watching clips of various things, and she pulled this one off the shelf! I have now seen the sword fight. Yummy.

veracious said...

It's a film they desire to forget, but we won't let them. If you watch it in full, feel free to skip Vinod parts. Seriously.