Sunday, September 25, 2011

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - audio review.

I decided that instead of writing an incredibly rambling review, I'd record one.

Whether this was a smart move on my part is anybody's guess, but here's the review link:

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD/LISTEN. You can listen by pressing "play", or you can download. It's 11MB, around 12.5 minutes long, and in MP3-format.

I say "um" a lot, but I also edited a ton of "ums" and "ers" out..


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the review, it really is interesting how we respond to films differently based on our experiences and changes.

Anonymous said...

Finally listened to it! I personally am not as big a fan of audio reviews simply because I can read faster than I can listen, but I thought you raised some awesome points, especially about how personal growth can affect how you appreciate entertainment media. I think that might be a contributing factor as to why I haven't like a Bollywood film in the longest time. Hmm...something to mull over.