Monday, August 18, 2008

Ten completely random Indian film related pictures off my hard drive.

...or a lazy person's guide to how to post something without actually posting much of anything.

Vinod Khanna as the angsty, manpained soldier in Gulzar's Achanak because Vinod Khanna is fiiiiine.

This is the sort of quality entertainment you will find in early Saif Ali Khan films. No, I didn't watch this one all the way through - just one song off a song DVD with all Saif song picturizations up until 2007. It's a gem, but among the pearls you will find. Well. This. (Don't ask me to look up what movie/song this is from. I couldn't bear it.)

Aamir's wife in DCH, in one of the Goa scenes (girl with glasses). Yeah, I'm a geek for picking up these things.

Rakesh Roshan in Inkaar. Nobody knows where Hrithik got those dancing genes from, because this man cannot move apart from this dance move, seen here. I swear to God.

Dharmendra sings to an elephant in the film Maa. I don't know how I end up watching movies like these, either.

"I like your style." "I like you."

(Dhoom 2, in case you didn't know.)

Pretty picture of Soha Ali Khan, even if she appears tired.

A screencap of Aamir Khan typing during his website's first live chat. He was so adorable, not a very fast typer but very focused. Plus I loved this hairstyle he had going at the time.

Perhaps my favourite Hum Tum promotional still.

This would be such an interesting jodi to witness on screen one day...

Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana - get it.


Nicki said...

Interesting observation about DCH! I never knew that! Thanks for reminding me about Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. Gosh, I want to review it! My Sid love. I haven't seen Dharmendra's Maa but I've seen Jeetendra's. I even reviewed it

ajnabi said...

I never knew that about DCH either. I would love to see Hrithik and Kajol together--but they're actually the same age, so can it happen (or is he a year older than she? can't quite remember)???

Anonymous said...

That cap of Saif Ali Khan reminds me of the boxcover for Ball and Chain:

Anonymous said...

Nice cap of Vinod Khanna. Is Achanak the film where he murders his wife?

OMG Hrithik and Kajol look soooooo good together - wish they'd do a movie together! :-)

veracious said...

Nicki - Just something I spotted during some random rewatch of the film. :D

Ajnabi - I guess Kajol is perceived as older, because she's been in the industry longer. But yeah, I think they might be very cute together.

Lapetitediva - Hahaha, nice spotting. :D

Bollyviewer - Yep, that's Achanak. :)

Rum said...

omg!!!! I love the Maa picture, it is honestly the worst movie to show an animal activist, did u watch all of the movie with the bhanged up elephant?

veracious said...

Rum, yeah, I've seen it and I agree completely - the first half of the movie especially is full of awful animal harming!

Daddy's Girl said...

Great idea for a post... maybe I'll borrow it. Love the Hrithik and Kajol piture.