Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meri jaan ka soundtrack. Or something.

Tagged by Ramsu, I felt like I should give this a try. It might not always be very fitting because to be honest, at times I don't remember what lyrics of a certain song talk about specifically, and anyway, filmi songs portray a rather limited range of emotions. You've got joy, sadness, loneliness, love and intoxication..

Rules of the tag: Various situations are given. You have to come up with a song ( or a couple) that aptly describe those situations in YOUR life.

Opening credits: Endrendum punnagai from Alaipayuthey. I think the title and first line of the song means "forever smiling" which is a pretty damn cheery way to start the movie about my life, and that may not be completely accurate (I'm certainly not always smiling!) but it's a fun, youthful ARR tune, so why not?

Waking up: Athiri pathiri from Dum Dum Dum. Another Tamil song, whaddya know. It's a girly, energetic sort of song and "pathiri" sounds like "patteri", which is Finnish for "battery", and what more do you need in the mornings than some serious Duracell-type energy?

Average day: Dil chahta hai from Dil Chahta Hai. No, every day of my life isn't goofin' around Goa with two of my best friends (I wish!), but the mood of the song and the sort of lazy dreaminess of it fits my thoughts as I go through life.

First date: Dating from Boys. "Yeah, I can clearly see - dating is a fantasy!" I hardly remember what this silly Tamlish song is about, but I actually like Blaaze's rapping/singing, and I love the Boys soundtrack, and it fits, so this one.

Falling in love: I'm not at all sure how apt for my life this is but it's a song I've been digging a lot as of late so I'll say it: Dil deewana from Maine Pyar Kiya.

Love Scene: Roop tera mastana from Aradhana, or God could I be more of a cliché?

Fight Scene: Gore gore from Hum Tum. Get it? Get it? Okay, no seriously and leaving aside stupid puns, Maaro maaro from Bunny, a Telugu flick. The lyrics are more like "yay youth!" than "yay violence!" but I think it fits all the same.

Breaking up: New York nagaram from Jillendru Oru Kaadhal. I haven't seen the movie but the lyrics and tempo of the song seem to speak of this post-break up loneliness. Again, questionable aptness to my own life as I've never gone through a particularly painful break up.

Getting back together: ..or gotten back together with anybody! I'll say Tujhe dekha to from DDLJ.

Life's okay: Paathshala from Rang De Basanti.

Mental breakdown: Crazy kiya re from Dhoom 2. For one, listening to this too much will give me a mental breakdown. For two, well, CRAZY kiya re, hai na?

Driving: Babu samjho ishaare from Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi. Complete with comedic noises and excellent Kishore singing, if I ever learn to drive, you'll hear this in my car all the time.

Learning a lesson: Ya rabba from Salaam-e-Ishq. This would be the humility after learning the lesson.

Deep thought: Piraiye piraiye from Pithamagan. I'm not sure if the lyrics suggest any sorts of thoughtfulness but that's the kind of thing I associate with the soundtrack and the movie itself.

Flashback: Maangalayam from Alaipayuthey. Because it ..flashes back to Endrendum punnagai! Isn't that clever?

Partying: Say na say na from Bluffmaster.

Happy dance: Beedi from Omkara. I know it's a raunchy song but it can also be happy, right?

Regretting: Haan ji haan from Seeta Aur Geeta - because isn't alcohol the easiest thing to regret?

Death scene: Mohabbat ki jhooti kahani from Mughal-e-Azam. Will my death be so full of suffering melodrama? Probably not, but it's a lovely song.

Closing credits: Of course, the current Indian film trends would dictate the closing credits song, not my actual life story or anything. It has to be a ridiculously mixed hiphop song of sorts, complete with English rap lyrics and the occasional Hindi verse thrown in! My current such favourite? Bhool bhulaiyaa from Bhool Bhulaiyaa - it's so bad and yet I love it so much. Also, it is somewhat a relief to know, for the audiences, that even once my life's tale has been brought to its end on-screen, there is still a world out there, and that world has Akshay Kumar, red convertibles and plenty of booty-shaking babes for him to place on top of that red convertible. You know? Life goes on, Khiladi style.

Tagging whoever has a blog, saw this, and thought "hey, that's neat!". Bonus points if, like me, you only use Indian film songs. Get to it!


Anonymous said...

Great list, Sanni!

Especially loved your closing comment about Akshay :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, the word you're looking for is zindagi (which means life in the sense of "i love my life"), rather than jaan (which means life in the sense of "your money or your life, buster").


Anonymous said...

oh dear now the pressure is really on!

:-) I'd better get to work...

Nicki said...

This is so cool. I'm thinking about doing it but have to gather my thoughts. :)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

"Mental breakdown: Crazy kiya re" is so funny- and so true! Also agree w/ "Learning a lesson: Ya rabba from Salaam-e-Ishq"- that 2nd one has happened to me a few times, and yep, the song capture sit oh so perfectly!

veracious said...

r - It's a strange world where hiphop and Mr Kumar symbolize stability, isn't it? :D

Thanks for the correction, I knew zindagi but I guess reading some things on the film Mumbai Meri Jaan made the 'meri jaan' phrase stuck in my head.

memsaab - Good luck, yaar.

Nicki - It's tricky but I think you'll manage.

Shweta - Thanks! And glad Ya Rabba is fitting - I haven't read through the lyrics in a long while so I wasn't sure.

Anonymous said...

well it took a looonnnng time but mine is up, Sanni :-)


Bollywood said...
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