Monday, February 23, 2009

Bandana intervention.

Mr Khan (may I call you Saif?).

I cannot let you do this yourself anymore. We, the unfortunate people who follow your public appearances on a semi-regular basis, cannot watch you do this to yourself any longer.

This hurts me as bad as it hurts you.

Yes, it's about the bandana.

Don't say anything, just hear me (and us!) out. We know you dug the style of your character Jimmy Cliff in Tashan. We know you like rock music. We know you feel it's edgy to have this rock cowboy inspired look for yourself, and believe you me, the leather jackets, the boots and the jeans are not the problem here. I'm not crazy about the moustache but you appear to have shaved that off, which is a great step. It shows me you can do this, too.

You can quit the bandana.

You're so much better than this godawful 80's/90's throwback of an accessory. You're a hip dude, you're not even 40 yet, you don't have to go all middle-life crisis on us yet! You have a fine younger ladyfriend, and I know she loves you too much to say this to your face but she hates the bandana, too. I mean, she has eyes, does she not?

So for her, for us, for the sake of your credibility and career -- let go of the bandana. Just do it. Comb your hair, use a little styling products, go to a hair-dresser (you can afford it!) and stop.using.the.bandana.

Thank you for listening.


Anonymous said...


Filmi Girl said...

And seconded!

Bandanas on men of a certain age signify oncoming baldness.

Don't do it, Saif!

ajnabi said...

Dear Saif,

Sanni is right. Bebo hates the bandanna. She told me so.

Okay, that last part's not true, but trust me, we're like the same age and she hates it. Either go Akshaye or go Sallu-Chacha (go Akshaye, for the love of God), but do not go Bandanna.



Nicki said...

Thank goodness you said this. I totally agree.

Saif, please no more bandanas.

Anonymous said...

hahaha your hilarious sanni! Yes please Mr Saif, take off that Bandana.

If we had to chose what is worse - Saif's bandana or Abhi's comb styled hairband which would win?

Anonymous said...

Great to see you love bollywood so much. :)

Kalla said...

Save Saif from bandanas, save the world!

P.s.: I was delighted to see no bandana at Filmfare awards. :P

veracious said...

Thank you all for joining the fight against the bandana. Let's hope our message reaches him.

Julia - Bandana is worse for me.

Uzo said...

Hear! Hear!