Sunday, December 6, 2009

Indian Film Advent Calendar #6: Cute, cuter, Siddharth.


Great Siddharth!dancing in his latest Telugu film, Oye / Oye. Some pretty odd moves and as a song it's not a huge favourite (hello autotune!), but still worth checking out. I also really like this song:


Spoiler! He looks really awesome in this movie. I'll try to screencap and review it later this month.

Edited layout-breaking videos into links.


Beth said...

oh I SO need this this morning! Fantastico!

My security word is "myrating." So myrating for this post is: SUPERB.

Beth said...

PS the death of autotune cannot come fast enough. Kthnxbai.

And this time my security word is "endiorp" - clearly a sign for the endiorp of the autotoune!

veracious said...

YES to death of autotune.

Glad you enjoyed it. :D