Friday, December 11, 2009

IFAC #11: Colourful Southie film picspam

Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana
; Siddharth & Trisha

Muthu ; Rajnikanth & Meena

Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtham ; Tamanna

Kaadhal ; Bharath & Sandhya

Iruvar ; Aishwarya Rai

Indra ; Sonali Bendre & Chiranjeevi

Dhool ; Vikram & Jothika

Arul ; Vikram & Jothika

Anniyan ; Sada

Aata ; Ileana

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Anonymous said...


I am a telugu guy and I almost read your entire blog in half a day. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. I reached your blog through BW and would have given my recommendations there if not for the fact that registrations were closed.

I hope I do not sound patronising, but I just wanted give some recos to you.

i) Little soldiers : movie of two children and a laugh riot which takes you through a range of emotions.

ii) Kshana Kshanam : Vintage Sridevi in all her beauty and Ram gopal Verma before he went moved to bollywood.

iii) chupulu kalisina subhavela/ aha na pellanta/ jayammu nishcayambu raa: jandhyala classics. Jandhyala was a script writer and master of word play. I have no idea how the subtitles will pan out and can guarentee that they wont capture 10% of the word play. But that 10% is much much better than any script writer since. all are light hearted comedies with imaginative symbolisms.

You can possibly download them here without subtitles, depending on the "legalities".

In the same folder some vintage Rajendra Prasad classics are there, many recommended.

iv) aditya 369: well a time machine and a peep into the history of andhra pradesh with cinematic license.

v)Simhadri: a mass masala with violence and gore- from the director of magadheera. If you liked Indra, you will possibly like this too. The hero is ntr junior. You may not like him at first, but I feel you will grow to like him in this movie.

vi) missamma / gundamma katha- old 1950s: NTR, ANR, Savitri well the trioka which ruled tollywood at that time. You cannot go wrong with any movie having any of them in lead. light hearted comedies with songs considered classics till today.

Older telugu movies were very heavy in mythology. This genre contains some of the best tollywood movies ever. However to enjoy them, you would need some initiation into hindu mythology, so skipping them.

By the way browse through the site I linked, it has a lot of movie collection - though unfortunately many unsubbed.