Monday, December 14, 2009

IFAC #14: (Near-)Wordless Vikram Day.

[Kanthasamy promo still; Anniyan; Meera; Dhool; Arul; Kanthasamy screencap unedited because I haven't yet been able to screencap the film in full and edit all my screencaps.]


Liz C said...

I'm intrigued by the combed back hair in Meera. I think Dhool is definitely the best mustache.

veracious said...

Meera is one of his first films, from the 90's. It is, however, a really dreadful film, despite good-looking younger Vikram. I much prefer him as his older, more learned, in better movies version, 'stache or no.

So don't watch Meera unless you really want to torture yourself.

Anonymous said...

No words needed.

Sethu, Dhool, pithamagan and Anniyan are my fav.of his films.

Haven't seen Meera but real tempted by that look he has.