Tuesday, December 8, 2009

IFAC #8: Wayback machine to filmi year 2006.

Decided to shorten the title; I think everybody's pretty aware of my spamtastic December posting dealio.

This is a classification of 2006 films, taken from my livejournal. It was posted in late 2006, and represents my views back then - some might've changed but overall I pretty much feel the same way. Consider the context when reading!

Creme de la creme

Lage Raho Munnabhai

Both films exceptionally clever, entertaining and worth rewatching (I've already re-watched both an unbelievable amount of times). These are my two top favourites of the year and both have those tiny little things I'd fix about them, they're still awesome cinema in my eyes. Omkara naturally more of the artistically ambitioned, drama-heavy type and LRM commercial comedy, but both have fantastic writing and directing behind them and top-notch performances.


Rang De Basanti - All around interesting, daring movie. Fantastic cast and soundtrack, plus no matter what you thought of the ending, it did leave its mark on the audience. Good writing, too - I connected with the characters pretty much instantly.

Being Cyrus - Had its share of flaws (no debutant director can make that great a film) but boy, was it good. I'm totally biased of course, as a fan of Saif and a fan of really odd, black comedy type of films, but all the same, this movie pretty much succeeded in what it was going for.

Jaan-e-Mann - Same as BC when it comes to debutant directors. Shirish Kunder might be a overcocky a-hole but JEM still brought something wonderful on the table. Fab soundtrack, hilarious moments, even good when it gets emotional. Severe flaws but still filled me with all kinds of glee; the parody and self-referential humor owns me.

Flawed but oh oh so dear to me

Fanaa - I think the hype killed this movie for many, which is sad, because when you love it, you just do it and all the bad stuff just seems unimportant. That is, they don't distract me from enjoying this movie. The fantastic performances and the grippingly angsty love story blew me away. It could be so much better, I'll admit, but I'll take it as it is, flawed and wonderful.

Good, enjoyable

Pyar Ke Side Effects - It's like Hollywood shipped their format of romantic comedy to Mumbai, when they realized they couldn't do anything with said format, and the Indians spun it into a fantastically entertaining little romantic film.

36 China Town - Mispromoted, funny film with a working cast, the least annoying Himesh soundtrack of the year. Convinced me that Shahid's okay, Kareena can be hilarious and that Akshaye Khanna can be smoking hot. Okay, the last one didn't need no proving but all the same. One minus remains Upen Patel.

Dhoom 2 - Abhithik hotness, hilarious stunts and Uday being a clown definitely made it a film worth seeing. The girls I could easily erase, except Bips on the second half maybe, and the soundtrack is madly catchy. Overall vapid as hell but still great fun.

Better luck next time!

Phir Hera Pheri - Hit all the right notes on the first half and all the wrong ones during the second. Not a bad sequel but still the worst of the lot.

Ankahee - Esha Deol's learning how to act! Yay! Sadly the movie is hopelessly boring on the second half.

Gangster - Style over substance. I liked parts of it, visually nice (I love 'em filters!) but still failed to impress. Damn catchy, though rip-off soundtrack, though.

Malamaal Weekly - Goddammit, Priyadarshan, can we stop with the copy game? This one provided a few laughs but the shameless copying takes away a lot of the fun in hindsight.

I'll pay you NOT to make any more movies

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna - I don't understand how a film can aggravate me so much. I really don't. Whatever positives there were, well, they didn't make it worth the annoying, dragging second half.


Thoughts now: Wow, I was strangely glued onto Bollywood in 2006! But then, it was all too easy to be, considering all the fantastic movies that came out then. I can't believe I saw Malamaal Weekly and the likes - what was I thinking? I remember being hugely opposed to the Don remake, and 'lo and behold, when I eventually saw it, I quite enjoyed it. Shows you how minds change with the times..

I still adore LRM, RDB and Omkara. Rewatches of Jaan-e-mann showed me that film doesn't really impact me as it did on the first watch. I am thankful for it, though, because it showed me how enjoyable I can find Akshay Kumar - this was I believe the first film what I loved him in. Seeing Fanaa again has shown me I still adore the film, if only for the incredible second half.

Been a long while since I last watched Being Cyrus. It's a good film, but not one to watch on a rainy day. Still, 2006 was perhaps the best year to be a Saif fan ...ever. Oh, the good old days..


Beth said...

Being Cyrus watchalong! I'm in! I watched it in 2006 too and would love to revisit. At the time I remember being intensely jealous of Dimple (paired with DCH of course).

Anita said...


I will never give up a chance to pimp out that movie. :D

Pessimisissimo said...

Veracious, your Indian Film Advent Calendar is a wonderful idea, and I enjoyed reading your thoughts on "the good old days" of 2006. Your take on KANK is hilarious. The movie actually made my list of favorites of the decade (THe subject is audacious, I'm a sucker for SRK, Rani, and Preity, and KANK has Abhi's best performance, I think), but I can easily see how it could drive any sane person up the wall...

theBollywoodFan said...

2006 was a great year for Hindi films. Kinda gone downhill since, on average. Seen most of the films and mostly agree, save some minor reclassifications...and Phir Hera Pheri, which I laughed along with from start to finish. Cheers!

Filmi Girl said...

Wow! I forgot how great 2006 was! :D

The wayback machine is working overtime!

(Am loving the Advent Calendar, BTW!)

Filmbuff said...

2006 indeed had a number of good films. Our tastes are similar - i too liked RDB and LRM very much. Being Cyrus was interesting too. I liked Fanaa despite its flaws. Didn't like KANK and JBJ could not hold my attention beyond the first 10 mins, so had to remove the DVD.

thanks for another good post

Aya said...

There were soooo many good films in 2006. My favorite film of ALL time was released in 2006, Rang de Basanti. And Don, Lage Raho, Dhoom 2 are also some of my faves. I did NOT like omkara for some reason. a lot of my fave actors were in it but i just couldn't enjoy it. Same with Krissh (sp?) I did not like that film as much is Koi Mil Gaya. KANK was not the best despite my love for Rani Mukerji and SRK that film was alright but pretty average for K. Johan. KKHH was million times better.

veracious said...

Beth - Hee, we should arrange this. I've got the DVD, you? I liked Dimple a lot in this. Remember being quite shocked that a debut director got such a brilliant cast for his movie, filled with esteemed actors (Dimple, Naseeruddin) and great current stars (Saif, Boman).

Anita - Nomen est omen. ;)

Pessimissimo - Thanks! Yeah, I wasn't feeling KANK at all. Surprised so many loved it .. but good for them, of course.

TheBollywoodFan - Yeah, it's gone a bit downhill on average. But as long as good films are still churned out, I'm happy. Not every year can be as good as '06.

Filmi Girl - Thanks! :D

Filmbuff - JBJ was 2007, actually. But yeah, it was a good year on the whole.

Aya - Omkara is I suppose an acquired taste, it's a very different sorts of dramatic film. Glad you like RDB etc, though!