Tuesday, December 22, 2009

IFAC #22: My top five of Bollywood heroes.

I wrote a post about my favourite heroines nearly two years ago and decided to finally work out a top five ..ish of my favourite heroes. This one was arguably a lot harder to make. It bears mentioning that since male characters are at the forefront of pretty much every film, they tend to also be better-written and developed and simply more interesting. So this list was pretty much impossible to compose and I had to leave out a bunch of characters I love. I suppose more accurately this could be "top five of my favourites right on this moment", as it might look different if I typed it two months from now, or even tomorrow.

In no particular order.

Amar from Andaz Apna Apna

I know you're all thinking, what, seriously? Yes. Seriously. Heroes come in all sorts; ranging from pacifist to violent, poetic to plain-spoken, funny to serious, but rarely are they as mistakenly ambitious and as absolutely certain of themselves as Amar is. He's an absolute riot as the selfish, cocky, confident bewakoof (fool) that he is, and I love him for it. I think more often than not, my love for an actor boils down to one role that I absolutely loved them in, and for Aamir it's probably this one. I liked a lot of what I saw of him after AAA, but Amar was something else. Truly.

Raj from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Oh how cliché of me. But as I've said before, Raj is the reason I will always love Shahrukh on some level, even if I don't understand what his biggest fans see in him, or why he's king over all others. There's something so great and simple about this character - he's an inconsiderate goof but learns to be more than that, and ends up being the quintessential romantic hero. And he maintains that sense of humor throughout the movie. It's just wonderful.

Rikki from Jhoom Barabar Jhoom
Bunty/Rakesh from Bunty aur Babli

Two Abhishek Bachchan characters get to share this spot simply because I couldn't really choose between them. BaB was the film where I knew I had to see more of this actor, but both roles sort of encapture why I love Abhishek so much. They're both funny, goofy characters, but terribly lovable because of it. The sort of roles I think Abhishek was truly meant for .. though I don't want to undermine the quality of his serious roles, either.

Santosh from Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana

The more I think about the parameters of this post, the more characters I want to include. It's tough, especially considering how I now notice similarities between these heroes; they all seem to be carved out of the same tree. Most of them are more funny than romantic, which is exactly the kind of thing I don't mind at all. NVNN takes from DDLJ and Maine Pyaar Kiya, both movies I really enjoyed. I'm not sure how much Santosh as a character takes from Prem and Raj, but I do know I love him, at all stages of his journey, from the hyper child to the determined young man.

What's interesting is that I also noticed how similar my favourite heroine characters were - and how no film, at least according to these lists, has both my favourite heroine types and my favourite hero types in them. I guess it's all about how a film is a driven by one character. The heroines I named definitely seemed to be driving the story in their films - at least in some ways. In other instances, the hero is usually the one who the film is centered around. Sometimes it's pretty much equal between the two (like BaB).


rhilex said...

Nice list of heroes! It's good to see Raj and Santosh in there. =)

Louella said...

My top five will be same in 20% :)
I also had Raj here, but I'll put more SI cinema here!

ajnabi said...

Santosh, most definitely. And I adore Rikki. The others I like. :-)

Ness said...

LOVE your Abhishek choices! He is so so great in both roles, but I have to admit, Rikki has the edge for me. Oh Rikki!

And Raj...not a cliche, a necessity on a list like this! It would not be complete without Raj from DDLJ! He is the ULTIMATE Bollywood hero!

veracious said...

rhilex - Thanks!

Louella - Nice! I meant to put more SI into that list but couldn't pick my favourite Vikram character...

ajnabi - Hee. Typical ajnabi mentality!

Ness - All very true re: Raj. :)

Anonymous said...

It's not santosh, his real name is siddharth narayan :)

Louella said...
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Louella said...

Well, I would pick Remo from Anniyan or Kanthaswamy^^ It just depends on my mood.
And of course Mahesh Babu! But he's a tought choice for me :P Same as Prabhas and Surya. But no doubts with Pawan Kalyan and NTR Jr - Jalsa and Yamadonga!

But... That's more than 5, right? xD