Saturday, December 12, 2009

IFAC #12: Quotes of Bollymusings past.

Dug up from the archives of my Livejournal, the beginnings of my Bollywood obsession. I enjoy reminiscing.

1. Today I learned that straight in Bollywood equals several thrusting motions done with hips, in tight trousers, in the rhythm of music. Yeah. I love Bollywood, too. - Oct 2005
-- Nowadays I sort of cringe at this sort of "oh they're doing something that doesn't conform to my own culture's masculine ideals, that's so peculiar"-thinking but it's still very telling of the kind of thinking one does go through, without being able to help it.

2. I've discovered that the Finnish saying "Nälkä kasvaa syödessä" (= Hunger grows while eating) applies to Bollywood. I can't get enough. It's nearly scary. - November 2005
-- ...four years later, still here! It's true, all right.

3. I saw Parineeta, which was lovely, but felt way too short. Two hours? That's not a Bollywood movie! - October 2005
-- Oh 2005!self, you are a riot. You're often wrong, but you're still a riot.

4. indians are hotter than hot. - September 2005, title of a post on Ek Hasina Thi.
-- What was that about fetishization... Um. Yeah. So. Moving on (she says, embarrassed).

5. Bollywood films are crazy and have people dancing. I like that. - March 2004
-- Yeah, people dancing. How completely bizarre and insane. But still, it's nice that over five years later I can post on a blog called "so they dance" and still admit to liking the dancing aspect of these films a lot. Some things change, some things don't, y'know?

6. (About a dream I had.)
I bump into Shahrukh Khan at this mall I live close to (WTF #1), and ask him for a hug (WTF #2). Then I launch into full fangirl mode (WTF! #3), tell him, "I love you! You're so inspiring" (WTF?!? #4). He laughs and asks me, "Really? How so?". I proceed to tell him I'm going to write a script for him to star in (WTF #5). He says, "Okay, I'll do it." - January 2006
-- Watch out, SRK, it just might happen! I also love how the last bit is NOT a WTF in my books. Me hugging SRK and writing scripts for him - WTF. Him agreeing to do my script? Not a WTF.

7. You know the day sucks when even Juhi Chawla's face doesn't cheer you up. Meh. - March 2006
-- I hold this truth to be self-evident. Now and forever.


Anita said...

I remember you writing about that dream! I was like "oh Sanni, dreaming about Rukhie? ONE OF US, ONE OF US!!" ;)

Beth said...

I love you, I really do :) I remember my 2005 self but don't think I'm brave enough to emphasize her anytime soon.

Rum said...

This is soo cute, even as an Indian i had moments of OMG THEY'RE DANCING! LOL my 2000-05 is a obscure period of Bolly-watching for me, it was all Govinda/Anil/Akki and cheesy films!
Not tooo much has changed!

veracious said...

Anita - Noooo never! ;)

Thanks, Beth.

Rum - Govinda/Anil/Akki is some triumvirate! Surely you should get some kind of award for that.