Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wake Up Sid - the audio review!

For the lazy, the hearing impaired and whatnot: I liked the movie, but wasn't as in love with it as some people.

If you want to hear me stumble over words, reveal something about my past, embarrassingly call Rahul Khanna "dreamy" and other things...

(Mild spoilers.)

..and either DOWNLOAD the mp3 with the review or PLAY it in a pop up window. The review is 5 mins 35 seconds long, so not too long I hope. :)

The subtle background score is "Memon House" by Indian Ocean, from the soundtrack to Black Friday.


Ness said...

This is the lamest comment ever but you have THE COOLEST accent :)

ajnabi said...

That was fun! I think sometime we (the collective "we," not you and I only) should do a Bollybloggers podcast. Agree with you that Sid was very difficult to warm up to initially, and perhaps for a bit too far into the movie IMO. I'm definitely on the Ranbir train but I'm not sure why; certainly I don't believe his roles thus far have pushed him within sight of his limits as an actor. I have a feeling that *some* director is going to cast him in something where he's a bit dangerous and then he'll blow us all away. Or at least, I can hope that!

veracious said...

Ness - Thanks! I tend to think I have a pretty non-descript/accentless way of speaking English but I guess there's always an accent despite.

ajnabi - Fun idea but I'm not sure if I have the technology to get involved. Also, it'd have to be controlled - two or three people at the most talking with one another because any more and it's just too many people talking over one another. My microphone is attached to a bad quality webcam and I've had trouble voicechatting on Skype with it - the video feed is fine, the voice not so much. Plus I'm not sure how good Skype is to do it.. But if somebody can figure out the technology, I'd be willing to invest on a better computer microphone.