Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brb twt snrkng!!!

Shahid, waist-deep in the waters of English spelling.

So I finally decided to check out the Twitter antics of Bollytwitterverse's worst spellers and began with Shahid Kapoor. His most recent tweet?

KEEP IT REAL - Well, how could I possibly argue with that?

i question everythin i do all the time kinda like did i do the right thig or not dnt know if tats gud or not - Typically, doing the right thing is good. But if you want to explore moral philosophy some more, I suggest a bit of James Mill and Immanuel Kant.

i really feel the strongest form of love is surrender although we all know most things r out of our control we still like to believe that - cont'd in another tweet - we r in control of our lives ....... we so arent man hahahaha its like a joke -- I take everything back. This man is already a bonafide philosopher. One of the greats. Or then he's a comedian. Or maybe he is both. What's up with airplane food?

U2 bono wat. Dude luv his music - KEEP IT REAL wat

wassup all i think the best times in life r those where u can just sit all alone do nothin think nothin n feel at peace with urself - I officially want to be inside Shahid's head. It seems like a very calm place to be. (I was going to say simple but that just sounds offensive.)

Man I sound like a philosophical buddha again ..... No no I'm actually this 29yr old brash cool dude who lives life on the edge n all ... - D'awww! Lead us to the light, Shahid. Lead us to the light.

so make the most of this life n be proud of everythin u have acheived big or small does not matter nite all luv luv n more luv - I would so buy a tape of Shahid Kapoor telling me life-affirming clichés about all the things I can achieve. I SO WOULD I'm not even kidding.

Expectation is the cause of all unhappiness ... Don't expect n u will b happy n grateful for everythin that comes ur way - If I could manage this I would give Kismat Konnection & Chance pe Dance a go.

Moving onto the other Spelling Offender, Genelia...

Hey tweeps.Thnx4al ur feedbck on my article.Im jst leavn 4shoot,shootn 4a golf scene,pretty mch d nly sport I havnt playd,excitd2try it thou - ...this is worse than I could've thought possible.

Fasting sure is difficult ya,hw do ppl esp women do it so regurlrly,bt al d same quite enjoyin d fact of keepin up2it or mayb its2early2tlk - I mean, I'm not sure I can do this.. It's like a code and since there's no war going on between Finland and Nation of Genelia, I have no patriotic obligation to cipher these messages, so I'm just not going to.


That concludes this edition of Snarking Bollycelebrity Tweets. Tak care n luv u all so v. much n hope2c u all wtchin mah ltst film n as my bahut pyaara dost @shahidkapoor wud say KEEP IT REAL n nite tweeple!!


Anishok said...

I mean, I'm not sure I can do this.. It's like a code and since there's no war going on between Finland and Nation of Genelia, I have no patriotic obligation to cipher these messages, so I'm just not going to.

Bwahaha! That was priceless. There's no war between Armenia and Genelistan too, that's why I lasted about 2 hours before unfollowing her for good.

Man I sound like a philosophical buddha again ..... No no I'm actually this 29yr old brash cool dude who lives life on the edge n all ...

Oh man...29? Seriously? Dude, you had me fooled!

Anonymous said...

If there was a dance-off between Shahid and Hrithik I'm not sure who would win (probably Shahid) but for me Hrithik wins the ~awsum filosofer/motivsunal tweeter~ fight just because of that -What's the meaning of life? WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE?- tweet lol.

- BRB, trying to decide what I want the meaning of life to be.

Christy said...

And aren't you lucky there's no War. After all, you have but one sanity to give for your country. Hilarious post! I love it!

Beth said...

I hope you'll take on Siddharth's latest as well. As for foreign policy, it's times like this that I'm glad my nation is such an aggressor because I can feel really secure about my decision to lay down an embargo on places like Genelistan and Shahidapur.

Kiran said...

Ha ha ha! Pure awesomeness!
I was waiting for you take them on for quite some time. Well worth the wait, i'd say :D

I think KJo must've been onto you. He is not being his usual snobbish self on twitter :D

MsBlogger said...

Thanks sooo much for these! I've been waiting for your take! And as I expected, absolutely hilarious!

It sounds like Shahid's tweets went down a bit better than I expected with you, but lol at the picture + caption, he needs leesons in grammar... I'm free to teach! Shahid's tweets seem to be a bit of a love hate thing.

Wow I didn't know Genelia was THAT BAD! Lol I hope we never start a war either, or else we're doomed... no one could decipher that one!

Hehe, a 'simple place'... definitely sounds offensive! But I know what you mean... Unless you were being sarcastic and I just couldn't tell :(

ajnabi said...

This was HILARIOUS. Poor guy. You know I love him but I just skim over his tweets until I find some promotional links. :-D And as for Genelia... I think they should marry, and produce little non-spellers who come out with cell phones attached to their ears.

veracious said...

Anishok - I don't like her as an actress much so I was never tempted to follow her in the first place - but her tweets sealed the deal.

never_evil - Oh man, I like Hrithik but I think I like Shahid's fluffy clichéd philosophy over Hrithik's pick&mix one. :)

Christy - Thanks!

Beth - Sidd's latest? Hmm. Poor boy is too busy squeeing over cricket and hatin' on haters to be particularly interesting. And I say this as a hardcore fan. :D

Kiran - It would be weird, because I've never said a word about KJo as a twitterer, only as a director. Something tells me that man's not cut out to become the new R_Khanna. But er, he can try, 'sall good. :D

MsBlogger - Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, I didn't want to be too harsh on Shahid. His silly philosophizing grew on me.

Ajnabi - Heaven spare us! Shahid should marry me instead and allow me to teach both of them that if you want to tell a story that takes more than one tweet with correct spelling, go right ahead. Siiiiigh.

Beth said...

It was the thing he said about readers/commenters not being his equals that made me want to give a tight slap or two. I think he deleted it. From the bits of that conversation I followed, he was talking about people who write rude things to him, but that specification was not in his original comment, so he sounded COMPLETELY arrogant (uncharacteristically, in my experience).

veracious said...

Yeah, I think that's the problem with these stars discovering TEH INTERWEBS through Twitter. It's like, those of us who've been on this thing for ages know there's always trolls or people being mean anonymously because they can and you just have to accept that and move on. But the stars can be like, SCANDALIZED by it, which further gives flame to the troll fires. I ignore those Siddharth tweets.