Saturday, March 13, 2010

Golden Kela Awards... smell the prestige.

I don't follow Razzies because I barely watch the good Hollywood movies, so I don't really keep up with the bad ones. But with Bollywood? Bring it!

Golden Kela Awards celebrates the worstness in Hindi cinema. But I think the whole awards are fabulously tongue-in-cheek and I laughed my ass off reading through the winners. It's snark in Awards form! A lot of Indian award ceremonies are not to be taken seriously but this one especially.

Consider for example the "black Award for Emotional Blackmail" that went to Amitabh Bachchan in Paa. I loved Paa but this is so spot-on!

And Critics Award to Taran Adarsh, easily the worst Bollywood critic around (because predicting box office numbers and spoiling endings to films great reviewer not make!). Brilliant.

And Bas Kijiye Bahut Ho Gaya (Stop it that's enough) Award to Madhur Bhandarkar. Yes, yes, yes.

And big big props to Abhishek Bachchan for accepting his Worst Accent award for Delhi-6 so graciously with the following tweet:

Another milestone in my carrer. I won the golden kela award 4 worst accent in Delhi 6. Chalo at least delhi 6 won something. I'm overjoyed!!

As are we, Abhishek!

And last but not least, the ace Cyrus Broacha was awarded the very special, prestigious Cyrus Broacha Memorial Award. His response?

‘It’s great. I’m thrilled. I hope to win this award every year,’ Cyrus said in his cheeky fashion. [source]

Beautiful. Also check out FG's take on these for a bit of alternative perspective.

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Pardesi said...

Abhi totally made my day with this tweet and something he said on "Love Bollywood" on the BBC Asian network where Raj and Pablo interviewed him and Jaya-ji on a mother's day special episode.
The question was "So what happens when it's mother's day in the Bachchan household?Is it a big celebration?"
Abhishek: "It's huge.People dress up in Manish Malhotra saris.....we have a fake moon... we get a choreographer to choreograph dance,and then we get Karan in and he puts a few chandeliers up and a few round trolleys... and we break into a huge song and dance..."
Jaya joined in with him in this joke,and they were both very laid back and funny and made maa da laadla jokes.
Listen to the whole thing!