Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bloggish announcements.

I organized my Indian film DVD's last Friday, which was somewhat eye-opening. From this mess I organized them into some piles - separating South-Indian films, Hindi oldies (pre-1980) and unwatched films.

Southie pile, oldie pile and unwatched pile pictured here. Then, beginning with the oldies, I began placing them onto my awesome IKEA DVD shelf.

The elephant decoration was something I got from Christmas one year. I figured it was perfect fit for my filmi collection. The number of watched oldies came up 25 films.

Newer Hindi films added four rows in length, as there were 54 of them (plus one DVD my friend Mog has borrowed for the time-being).

Then 24 Southie films to fill the shelf entirely and 15 unwatched films of all varieties separated from the shelf to guilt me into watching them soon. And of course, the DVD's I deemed as waste of space, and want to get rid of - currently that number stands at five.

So overall? 124 movies!

Actor stats:
Vinod Khanna films: 13
Saif Ali Khan films: 13
Dharmendra films: 11
Hema Malini films: 10
Siddharth films: 8
Vikram films: 6

And then I went downstairs to my mailbox and found...

A belated but awesome Christmas present from Ramsu of 24 fps. The first is a Telugu film about Bharatanatyam dancing, Shankarabharanam and the second one is Pushpak(a Vimana), a "Kannada" film as I understand it that was released in multiple languages very easily because it's a modern silent film. Ha! Finally a film in which watchers of all ethnicities are on equal linguistic footing. Very exciting.

Oh, right so, announcements!

I suppose there's really only one. I have to really get some stuff done in March. But I don't want to let my blog go un-updated, so instead I've just scheduled a bunch of posts to release while I'm busy doing stuff. Therefore So they dance will run on autopilot throughout March and possibly some of April. I'll check/reply to comment, continue watching Twitter etc, but as far as posts go, most of what you'll be seeing has been written in February.

But there's some pretty good stuff to come if I can say so myself. On Friday there's the next Twitterverse post, then on Sunday an audio review.

Catch you later.


ajnabi said...

My goodness, your DVD collection puts mine to shame! Can't wait for the Twitterverse post; I hope it features some Uday gems. :-)

MinaiMinai said...

How fun! You've inspired me to do an accounting of all my DVDs as well!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Pushpak. I have the DVD too but haven't watched it yet. The silent film aspect seems so interesting... I'm pretty sure there were some reviews on BollyWhat of it too...

dink213 said...

Good to know how others organize their collection. I have been thinking about how to put them in order actor, year or alphabet. I must admit I have thrown away the cassettes they take up too much space in my awesome red Ikea shelves:)

sonia_bonjour said...

Not exactly about the DVDs but I just want to say that I have a big bookcase with the same pattern :)

Rum said...

Lol atleast I can feel a little less ashamed for collecting soooo many dvds from the aunty dvdwallah's just down the road from my college, which is a terrible thing! As i always go on a dvd binge on thursdays!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

You know, thats really inspiring. Maybe I will catalog my DVDs tonight too. May be able to actually find stuff when I want it then :)

veracious said...

ajnabi - Well, I think I've watched/collected longer than you so it's no wonder. :)

MinaiMinai - Yeah, people on Bwhat seemed on the fence about it, but I've also heard good things. Will see when I finally watch it; mine's a VCD technically.

dink - I like my way of organizing, separating Southies from older films and then newer Hindi films and all of those alphabetically. I find it works for me, better than organizing by actor or year.

sonia - Oh awesome! I love the pattern but I don't think they sell it anymore. If I want a third tower I'll have to buy a more regular color, black or white.

Rum - The fact I gotta order from online, yeah, it's a lot easier to not order when considering all the shipping expenses and whatnot. Finland does have an Indian DVDwallah but their prices are mf'ing ridiculous! And DVDs can be unofficial/pirated - so I don't go there, ever. :/

Shweta - It didn't take an awful lot of time, but then, most were already in order and over a 100 dvd's is not that much, when it comes down to it. I sometimes lose track of what's where, too, though, especially if I've been rewatching and put DVDs in different places.

shell said...

I'm glad there so many of us who have this unhealthy collecting bug! My films are simply organized by "Seen" and "Yet to see". One day I'll put them in some sort of alphabetical order when I can put them somewhere my 2 year old will not get at them!
I Heart Movies!

Nicki said...

Oh girl, don't remind me...hehehe. I keep buying films but haven't watched all of them!