Friday, June 8, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 8.

8. A movie you’ve seen countless times

Who's surprised? No one? Okay. 

I debated whether this ought to count as a guilty pleasure or not, but I guess I'm kind of beyond considering Main Khiladi Tu Anari a guilty pleasure. It's just a pleasure, plain and simple, and I'm constantly recommending others try it out, and I have seen it around as many times as the number of this post is, if not more. It's just such an entertaining film, with all the 90's bizarreness you could ask for, and some you probably would not ask for (can we talk about how disturbing the romance b-plots in this film are? good grief!).

And just at the off chance that somebody who's reading this hasn't read any of my multiple posts on this film: it's a fun, cheesy 90's Akshay Kumar-Saif Ali Khan buddy cop comedy type of film, where Saif plays an actor who tails Akki, who is the most badass cop ever. The plot is weird, the villain is hilarious, the romance is non-existant, and the chemistry between Akki and Saif is what really makes it worthwhile. 


Raye S. said...

I quite enjoy Keemat for many of the same reasons :))))

veracious said...

Keemat is definitely fun as well! :D