Wednesday, June 6, 2012

30 Days of Film: Days 6 & 7.

6. Your favorite film from your favorite comedian

In the original version of this meme, when I took it from a blog where the person mainly watched English language films, Day 6 was "Favorite made for TV movie". To my knowledge, India doesn't really make films for TV, or at least I've never seen one, so I altered this a bit. If you're looking to do this meme for all cinema, feel free to change it back to its original form, or alter it again, I really don't mind.

Saamy is a nice Vikram action entertainer which also stars Trisha, but what really pushed it from an okay film I might enjoy rewatching to a film I knew I had to own, was the Vivek comedy track. In the film, he plays a priest that points of logical fallacies and superstitions of people that make no sense, or would be more beneficial to society if ceased. While I can't say I connect to any of these points as I'm not from the culture where these practises exist, I like the societal flavour to the comedy, and Vivek is just great in general. (For a general, and weirdly enough, bilingual review of the film, click here.)

7.  The most surprising plot twist or ending

Truth be told, I'm not huge on plot twists or surprise endings. In my mind, far too many stories rely on them - the "I didn't see that coming" can be awesome when it's actually well-built in terms of little clues that you as the viewer didn't pay enough attention to. In things like thrillers or other suspense-filled genre flicks, you almost expect the big plot twist, so much so that if one arrives, you probably did see it coming, because your brain already worked out all the potential alternatives. What I'm saying is - in certain ways, the plot twist has become a cliché.

There are certainly bad examples (Race) of plot twists, but favourites, hmm. I always had a soft spot for Abhishek's Bluffmaster, even if it is a remake ... and because it is one, it doesn't really count, does it now?

Then there's the film where the plot twist is so good, you almost don't want to mention the film, as to not spoil it to anyone. You'll probably know which one I mean if I just say this: Kolkatta...

That confusing note is all I'll say about my favourite.


Rathi said...

For an interesting twist (with clues thrown at you all through the film), you can try the tamil film, 'Yaavarum Nalam' (also remade as 13B in Hindi). After a long time, I saw ghosts with common sense and a nice and interesting screenplay :)

veracious said...

Awesome, Rathi, thanks for the tip! I think I've heard of the film, will try to seek it out.