Sunday, June 3, 2012

30 Days of Film Meme - Day 3.

3. A movie that makes you really happy

Honestly, this is a big category of films altogether, but when I thought about this and glanced at my DVD collection, the DVD case for Aaja Naachle just kind of jumped out at me. It's perfect feel-good entertainment, though not precisely the kind that's carrying a particularly thoughtful message. I think it exemplifies a genre of film where everybody ends up happy - those who you root for to get together, get together, the heroes emerge victorious, the villain learns a lesson and stops being such a big meanie. Yes, it's candy-fluff but sometimes, that's really all you require out of a film.

Bonus: vibrant older female lead, fun songs, great ensemble cast. Aaja Naachle just kind of has it all.

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Pessimisissimo said...

It's great that you're responding to the 30 Days of Film meme—I'm in awe.

And this choice is brilliant. Sure, Aaja Nachle follows the template for every backstage musical since the beginning of time, but as you point out it departs from the formula in significant ways. A wonderful film with a superlative cast, and the show-within-the-film is amazing (I can't get the "Ishq ishq, yeh ishq ishq" refrain out of my head for days after a rewatch). Why wasn't this movie a superhit?

Looking forward to the rest of your choices,