Saturday, June 30, 2012

30 Days of Film - Day 30.

30. Your favorite movie of all time

I've never really had a favourite that was the favourite - the one that stands above all the rest. After all, favourites are all pretty equal in my eyes, I tend to like them for different reasons, and often the only common thing all my favourites have is that I like them. Simple as that.

But for the purposes of this meme, I thought about which film I've rewatched and enjoyed the most as of late, and one that very quickly rose among the absolute favourites list and straight to the top, and also one that I think I will continue enjoying throughout the years to come - and the answer was 3 Idiots.

Again, no film is perfect, but 3 Idiots gets close - I love the characters, the friendships, the romance, the philosophy that underscores the plot, and the twists the story takes. There are weaker portions, but overall it is just such a strong film, and such a feel-good film to boot. 

Thanks for following this 30-day meme that temporarily took over my blog. Regular posts will continue in July, August etc. I've got tons of posts lined up and some still to type up and post. Project Consistency is going quite well, all things considered. 

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Stuart Martin said...

Thanks for reminding me that I need to rewatch this. I think that if I make my fiftyfifty goal, next year will be about rewarding myself by returning to films I really loved, like this one. And well done on Project Consistency - 30 Days of Film was certainly a major achievement!

Daddy's Girl said...

Great series. I enjoyed all the posts and will definitely be checking out some of the featured movies - especially the Vikram ones.

Mette said...

Have you seen the director's commentary version of 3 Idiots? When I saw that it was included on the DVD, I just tried it out (had never seen one before), and it was a great experience. In the end, I found myself appreciating and loving the film even more!

By the way, congratulations on your successful project, I hope you'll continue that way! (Many Bollywood blogs have become so un-active).

veracious said...

Stuart - It's nice to return to films you liked but haven't had a change to revisit. I think even though 3I isn't the perfect film, it rewards rewatches as well.

DG - I hope you enjoy Vikram films, if/when you get to them. He's been in a lot of great stuff, and he's great in even some of the more mediocre films. Of course, this a totally biased view..

Mette - I do have the DVD which has director's commentary but have STILL yet to watch it. I think I watched the other extras, though.

I probably won't keep up with 20 posts per month but will try to post 7 or so per month until the end of the year.. :)