Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer (semi)hiatus.

Hey guys, and thanks for participating in Khanna Week/Khanna-o-Rama, whoever did. Sadly, since then I've begun working at a summer job and unlike all you wonderful regular people, it seems like university + blogging is a combo I can do no problem but work + blogging is like this unclimbable stone wall when it comes to my mental and occasionally physical energy. Funny how that works.

I'll try to watch a movie during my now increasingly limited free time, and I'll try to blog as well, but obviously none of this "post every three days" madness I was going through in March and in April. Maybe I just need to learn how to do less taxing updates - instead of long write-ups, maybe post a song from a movie I love or talk about a particular scene. 

Oh yeah, I visited the UK in early May!

This picture was snapped at a store in Soho, London that sold tons of old posters. Sivaji Ganesan of olde was misplaced under "Bollywood", don't they know anything? I didn't buy it but I was mighty tempted!

And a stand of Raajneeti at a movie theater. I am not sure why but I am looking forward to seeing this film. Katrina's role looks promising, there's a fantastic character actor cast and Ranbir looks really, really good on the poster. Um, shallow, what me?

Anyway, the summer is looking lovely over here. Now if only 3 Idiots was FINALLY released on DVD (6 months, Vidhu Vinod Chopra - really? really?) and I had an endless supply of lemonade, this summer would be made. Hope it's looking great wherever you are! (If you are one of the upside-down country people and it's winter over there, my deepest and dearest apologies. May my Vinod Khanna picspams keep you warm through winter!)


Filmbuff said...

Winter has indeed begun for us combined with heavy rains for the past few days which means cold days! Movies are keeping us warm indeed. Hope you enjoy your summer break.

Yep RajneetI looks promising indeed. I have seen the trailer of this film twice and it was really good. I am hoping to see this which is releasing on 4 June.

Anita said...

I am a follower of Beth's blog. Saw ur link n decided to visit ur blog. I am a complete bollywood buff, and it never fails to astonish me that so many ppl, irrespective of nationalities like our movies. I mean, our imageries, improbable story lines, dance moves et all. I think because of this, award shows like IIFA are so popular. It is the only award show which r held abroad. BTW...Akshaye Khanna is attending the show this year. Hope to click a snap with him. I believe his best villanous role was in Humraaz:)

ajnabi said...

I hope you have a lovely summer, veracious--and that you find some time to post even if it's not epic. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Selene said...

my take on Raajneeti :
if u get time plz check out, am also a big bwood buff :)

theBollywoodFan said...

Good luck with all you've got going on, Veracious! Maybe the occasional post with mini-reviews might not be an unwelcome distraction. :)