Sunday, May 9, 2010

Closing Khanna-o-Rama with a picspam.

My favourite picture of Akshaye.

I'm going to employ virtual CPR on you because I know you just DIED.AT.THIS.CUTENESS. And why wouldn't you.

All Bollywood magazines should remake this photo shoot. Bollywood stars - EATING. I'd buy the magazine. Twice.

No idea what is happening here but I dig it. I dig it a lot.

Film poster of Gulzar's Meera (review here) which is my most favourite movies with Vinod. And gorgeous Hema, what's not to love.

Thanks for participating in Khanna Week, even if it was just by reading all of our posts! And eternal thanks to Beth for coming up with the idea of the love fest!

EEEDIT: Well, turns out Khanna Week isn't over in a week! Joy of joys! Except .. I have no more posts scheduled up. I might spin some more, I'll definitely keep following all of yours but this may or may not be the end of Khanna-o-Rama for me, for now, anyway. Still, the Khanna love never really stops on these here parts!


Beth said...

Fab, all of them, fab! The angry sailor Vinod one is especially hilarious - oh for the context!

Someone sent me this adorable one of the young Khanna family and it made me go awwwwwww!

Ness said...

I actually died at the cuteness. OMG THAT MUCH CUTE SHOULD BE ILLEGAL

ajnabi said...

I'm pretty sure Vinod is just pissed about the hat. LOL Awesome pics!

Filmbuff said...

Since you have mentioned "Meera" as your favourite VK/Hema movie, I thought of letting you know that you can get some of the best screencaps of handsome VK from the movie "Kudrat". He and Hema look really gorgeous in some of the scenes especially the one where they are about to leave for a party and she asks him "Mein Kaise lag rahi hoon" ie how do i look? An absolutely handsome VK replies to a stunning hema in a saree! I will leave it to you to watch the movie and see his reply!

bollyviewer said...

Where is the sailor Khanna pic from? I am with ajnabi on his being mad about the hat - bet he is looking up for divine inspiration to get even with whoever responsible for putting that hat on him (especially with that jacket)!

Drenched said...

Haha! Whattay blog! I've been looking for some fun blogs on Indian cinema and after stumbling upon Memsaab Story yesterday, this is my second treasure of the week. Awesome pics, BTW. Akshaye's cuteness is almost the pictorial equivalent of a dozen marshmallows dipped in hot chocolate.

AMIT said...

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