Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tashan is slowly killing me. Emphasis on "slowly".

In Finnish there's an expression, "to wait [for something] like the rising moon" (odottaa kuin kuuta nousevaa - originated, I think, in a song). I've never waited for the moon to rise but I'm pretty sure it can't be worse than waiting for Yash Raj Films to start finally promoting their up-coming masterpiece by the name of Tashan.

The above picture is one of the few released stills we have of the movie, aside from paparazzi snapped shots (those we have two of, and they don't tell much). With the release of the Saif film Race, there were two short (and I do mean short, maybe little over 10 seconds in length) promos put out, which give us instrumental clips of the songs, with some groovy, over-the-top shaking done by the movie's three leads; Saif and Kareena in one promo, Akshay in another.

If you've never followed a Bollywood movie coming out, they usually let the film sink into the consciousness of Indian people for a month or two with the release of the soundtrack, hoping it'll catch on. They'll have song promos, dialogue promos, trailers running on television to make sure people not only hear the film, but see glimpses of it, and remember the release date - so they may drag themselves to theaters. But Yash Raj Films, perhaps having too much faith in this hyped movie starring BO king Akshay Kumar and the hottest 'it' jodi of the moment, Saif-Kareena, is letting the promotion be of the more "intriguing" kind.

The sad fact? I really doubt it'll work.

But who knows. The main reason I'm annoyed and impatient is because I.want.this.film.so.bad. It looks like it was made while on crack, then rolled in crack, deep-fried in crack and served with crack on the side. It looks fantastically insane and self-awarely goofy, and even if the goofiness is unintended, I will roll on the floor laughing and loving it, for certain. And the soundtrack, based on the pathetic little promos they've given us so far, sounds very ace indeed.

And come on, just look at it. Words simply fail to describe my enthusiasm, and my growing frustration with every day going by that there seems to be no development around this movie. They're trying my patience and killing me and succeeding in it, too.

If there continues to be no news about the soundtrack, come April 1st, you can see me going commando on this film banner. I'm going to knock them out like Bebo shadowboxes here ..and worse!

Oh, and the film releases April 25th - since it seems I have to do YRF PR office's job for them.


Anita said...

Yikes! I didn't even realize it was releasing that soon. I keep hearing about the music release being soon enough.

I think they held back on promotion because people might ger mixed up with Tashan and Race? So they wanted to wait for Race to release before they went into promoting it. That way, there can't be any confusion.

Understandable, since they're both action flicks, and Saif and Anil (and two different Akshay(e)s, lol) are starring in them.

Anita said...

Oh, and I just saw those promos.


I'm actually quite scared. Very very scared. This may just be the crackiest movie ever to be released. And that is saying something. O_O

Sanni said...

I understand the Race angle, though I think it's retarded; they're looking like very different movies, and both stars (Anil & Saif) are looking dramatically different in them. But *shrugs*. They can't put off the promotion forever!

And yeah, crackiest movie ever sounds about right. Isn't it beautiful? *beams*

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I think I am just waking up to the fact that akshay is pretty hot- and looking better as he gets older. that promo pic is v complementary :) no matter how bad/good it is, I will watch it fo sure. That said- whats with the weird blond wigs :S I cant beleive theyd put em in the promos- might scare ppl away!