Monday, December 17, 2007

Pyaar dosti hai - buddypyaari fanvideos!

Something wonderful happened last Saturday. I woke up to find that one of my dearest Bollywood buddies online had finally finished her passionate project of creating a fanvid for the Saif/Shahrukh jodi in Kal Ho Naa Ho. You know, the true jodi of that movie. Preity was there? Huh, never noticed. And neither will you, when you watch this:

I may be biased but this is a complete gem of a fanvid. The choice of song is just cheesy enough, the lyric connections are beautiful and the whole thing is angsty enough to make me actually feel like Shahrukh loves Saif. Which he does, naturally, but Specsy's fantastic editing makes it so much clearer than Karan Johar's original one. KJo, take notes!

Natural progression of thought: where's the Sakshay fanvid? Well, it exists, guys, and it's not by me.

It is naturally brilliant, even if it only uses clips from two Sakshay movies. I can put aside the fact that they play brothers in Yeh Dillagi because that shot of Akshay wiping blood from Saif's lip is simply too lovely for words. Plus the video makes me like that Zinda song.

Lastly, I found a fanvid for buddypyaari that's more about the buddy than the pyaari.

Featuring clips from Lage Raho Munnabhai, Dil Chahta Hai, Mangal Pandey, some Filmfare bit with Saif & Shahrukh (which can be downloaded from and I heartily recommend everybody does, these guys have off-the-hook chemistry) among other things. The song is French hiphop and according to my French-Canadian friend, the lyrics basically praise friendship poetically. The lyric that flashes on the screen freely translates, "The friendship that ends never begun."

Thankfully in Bollywood, it never does end.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the KHNH vid is awsome =) I had bunch of bollywood n00bs over a few weeks ago and we watched KHNH - it was a great success. One of the guests even bought it to her sister as a holiday gift. So I just had to message them all and send them this video link, because they all supported Saif/SRK pairing when watching the film =)

Beth said...

You need to see this:
(It takes ages to load but is well worth it.) (From, also v v interesting!)

Sanni said...

Cairbre - How awesome! I don't like KHNH much myself but it is veeery entertaining on the whole Saif/SRK department. :D

Beth - Way ahead of ya there, I saw it years ago. And the Queering Bollywood website I've also read through ages ago. Wouldn't be a proper buddypyaari fan if I hadn't! (Actually, rossywar showing me MKTA clips from that website made me decide to get my hands on the movie.)

Beth said...

Oooh good. I found it fairly early in my Bollywood watching too, though I forget how. Good stuff.

delia said...

Mmm, love the KHNH-vid! Had me smiling all the way through (if at times more moved than happy). Please Karan, do a remake! :-)
I'm not a great fan of KHNH, but now I'm thinking of rewatching it, rooting on SRK+Saif.