Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm sorry, it's just not working out between us. - Dumped movies.

I can sit here all day rambling about the various Indian movies I love, or at least enjoyed, or at least found okay, watchable. I can also rage at the films I hated, found a complete waste of time.

But the hardest to write about are the films I didn't even get to finish. Sometimes because they're bad, sometimes because they're just not my thing - the reasons vary a lot. So tonight I thought I'd just get it over with and list some of these damned films.

Andaz - The 50's Raj Kapoor-Nargis-Dilip Kumar version. I just.. couldn't make through this film at all. When Dilip, who I find severly lacking in the charm department, is the best thing about the movie to me, I know it's not a winner. Nargis plays a daddy's girl, positively annoying, and RK is more or less an asshole. I can't even remember where I stopped watching and I'm not sure whether I regret it or not.

Sarkar - You'd think I could put up with any dull movie when Abhishek looks this attractive but no, just no, I just I do not care about RGV's Godfather tribute. I do not care for RGV, period. I hate Amitabh's grim stare, too. It's not acting. So, Kay Kay's character was promising. I fastforwarded to the ending and then started hoping they wouldn't actually make Sarkar 2.

Aitraaz - You know, Kareena and Akshay were really cute in the beginning of this movie. Then I realized what the movie was really about. I don't like Priyanka's face. I can like her in certain roles but hoboy, not this one. I fastforwarded some and saw plot twists happen and decided this was a stupid film I should just stop watching altogether. Oh, and the songs were positively painful and I don't say that often.

Ta Ra Rum Pum - I knew it would be bad. I just didn't assume it would be this bad. Starting from Rani's "mera iPod!" and ending with, oh god the cheesy vapid excuse of a storyline that just completely wastes any genuine family drama or good Rani-Saif chemistry to make for cutesy animated song picturizations and whatever the hell naming your kids "Princess" and "Champ" is. My money's on "child abuse". Siddharth Anand - director and Saif fanboy number ek for those unaware - you are dead to me.

7 ½ Phere - To be frank, this looked like an okay, semi-interesting movie but every single time I tried to get past the 40 minute mark, I just physically wasn't able to sit still and watch it. I can't explain it, really can't. Juhi was lovely, Irfan Khan was lovely, there was nothing wrong with it per se but I just wasn't feeling it enough on that moment, I guess.

Bandini - This could also be one of those mood things. It's a Dharmendra film from 60's, also starring Nutan and Ashok Kumar. When did I know it wasn't for me? When I began fast-forwarding songs. I usually never ever do, even if the song sucks, I try to give it that one listen. Here, the songs seemed so disconnected, so pointless - and not in an entertaining way, either. The plot ..I couldn't get into it at all. And Dharmendra? As much as I love him, I think I prefer his 70's characters to the solemn gentlemen he played during 60's.

These just off the top of my head. There might be some more but I'm rather tired so will leave those for another session.


Anita said...

Andaz - I saw this movie! Ok, Dilip was wonderful in it, and it was actually a decent movie, but HO-boy, the end is really dumb. Dilip is a decent guy throughout and then he gets hit on the head (I think...) and turns psycho. O_O That basically ruined a good movie for me. :P

Sarkar - I loved this movie! Ok, hot Abhishek was half of my love, and Kay Kay was the other half, but I guess I'm an RGV fan, so that's why. I'm not an RGV nut, but it was one of the best he's made recently; most of his recent stuff has been duds.

Aitraaz - Wow, this was the only movie where I thought Priyanka could actually act. In everything else, she's just a pretty face. It's obvious we have very different tastes. ;)

TRRP - Hahaha, ok, it wasn't great, but I was actually expecting a LOT worse. It was a throw-away, timepass kinda film.

I'm the kind of person who CANNOT start a movie and then never finish. I don't know why, I just CAN'T. Of course, I'm only talking about Bollywood movies, but still. Even if it is complete crap or just not my thing, I watch it. (I think I get it from my dad. :P) I even watched Kya Kool Hai Hum, hahaha!

Filmi Geek said...

Nice post. I have only pulled the plug on a very few Hindi films - I attribute this to the fact that I get very good recommendations and mostly know I am getting into. The only films I absolutely couldn't watch have been a couple of films I recorded from the Indian channel on TV. At the moment I can only think of three: *Road*, *Ye raaste hain pyar ke*, and *Bas itna sa khwab hai*.

*Road* was just godawful; I lasted about 40 minutes, and pulled the plug with absolutely no regrets.

YRHPK I really wanted to watch, because I was desperate for Madhuri and when you get into that state you just have to watch crappy movies; she wasn't in very many good ones. But I couldn't take it. I had to wait more than an hour just to get any Madhuri at all, and then her character was not only stupid but also mentally ill and delusional. I gave up before intermission.

BISKH I kind of wish I'd come back to; I really like the Abhi-Rani jodi, and they were so young and cute - and the first couple of songs were pretty good. I just lost interest, though. I didn't pull the plug in disgust, I just ... stopped watching and never came back to it.

Honorable mention to *Aetbaar*, which I watched all the way through and really, really wished I hadn't.

Sanni said...

Anita - I wish I was more like you but I really cannot waste my time on something I have no intention of enjoying. However, I do make an effort to finish films I buy - because hell, I spent money on them! So even if it takes me a year, I finish them. But movies I download, rent, watch on youtube - if they fail to keep up the interest, if they're really so bad they're beyond enjoyment, I tell them ALVIDA and call it quits. (Ironically did finish KANK.)

Oh and if Priyanka could act in Aitraaz, I just didn't care because I hated her in the film so much. Maybe that meant she could act. Maybe I just wanted to stab her face a lot. Ahem.

Carla -

"desperate for Madhuri and when you get into that state you just have to watch crappy movies; she wasn't in very many good ones"

Very much know what you mean.. But to be fair to Madhuri, hardly anybody is. I saw a DVD ad for Yeh Raaste Hai Pyar Ke and eh, did not look like a winner at all.