Sunday, December 16, 2007

Once more, with feeling - Aata again.

The fact is, I'm sort of obsessed with Aata right now. I occasionally have these spouts of random enthusiasm for a movie, the kind where I rewatch the songs, listen to the soundtrack non-stop, screencap, icon and generally obsess over them. The weird thing here is, I feel like this time the movie deserves my enthusiasm, but it has to be recognized that it's not the best movie, though I'm treating it as that. It's actually kind of trashy in a genuinely not-that-good manner, but I love it for all of its ridiculous aspects. (I think a lot of this obsession can be contributed to timing but that's beside the point, really.)

It's a good movie, just not a great movie. I mean, let's take romance for example. In Aata it's ridiculously filmi to the point where I'm not sure if it even makes much sense. I'm not even sure if there's that much chemistry between the two leads. Their characters aren't exactly amazingly well-written or anything, and there's enough skin show and raunchiness to last a lifetime. But I still adore it, so so much. Maybe 90% of that appeal belongs to Siddharth, maybe I'm too biased to tell the difference anymore.

Another thing about Aata is how incredibly mislead I was by the promotional stills of the movie. Hence this post. I took an insane amount of screencaps and now will post the most representative of them so people may see what Aata is really like. On the other hand I have to recognize that I never looked up all of the promotional pics but the ones I saw seemed to suggest the film as oddly action-y.

Things You Can Expect to See in AATA

1. Siddharth is in lurve.

2. Ileana is not too impressed.

3. They're soaked. Get used to seeing this. A lot of this. All the time. Quite often, for no real reason.

4. Faces really close. You'll be seeing a lot of this, too. Sometimes their faces will even touch. Oh, and they're most likely soaked when doing it.

5. Ileana spends time hanging out in Siddharth's crotch. Didn't I tell you it was kind of trashy? Also, Siddharth in pink. If you're playing the Certified Aata Drinking Game whose rules I will eventually invent, you will have to take two shots now.

6. Guns, guns, and more guns. Also, henchmen dressed in black. Leather. Guns.

7. Siddharth being amazing. Which is basically equivalent to just being himself. Let it be once again noted that this is not a film for non-fans.

8. I want to tell you these sort of scenes serve a purpose in the movie, offering a rich detailry to the core symbolism of the socio-historical manifestation .. well, the point is, they don't. And do you see me minding? Not really.

9. Though I think my biggest complaint about the promotional stills was that they failed to show how wonderfully colourful and beautiful Aata looks most of the time. Also, I think this also showcases why I love Southie picturizations. Sometimes they'll just do the ordinary "dancing on a dusty street" thing, other times they pull sometimes friggin' amazing like this. I love the composition of even the most simple shots, like this:

I think that's it for now, about Aata. Though looking through these, I'm not how representative they are of the film. It's like there are two levels to the movie - clever, fun story and raunchy crowd-pleaser song picturizations. You can't screencap the story so what you get instead is this: the cracked out colourfest songs and other cuteness. Take it for what you will and remember I'm posting about a movie I'm ridiculously in love with right now.


Nicki said...

I am trying to get me a copy of this dvd. Loooove your review.

Jules said...

I loved this movie. Didn't think I would but Siddharth is just so fabulous in everything isn't he? Thought all the songs were great and he looked hot! I liked Ileana too, I wonder if they'll do another movie together? They were pretty sexy in this one.