Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hera Pheri: a pause for superficial reflection.

Hera Pheri is a 1976 masala thrill with all your standard goodness elements: lost-and-found family members and enemies, epic friendship, fist fights, lavish sets and incredible wardrobe choices.

Oh, nice jeans, Vinod.

..oh, they just ...kind of .. ended. Um. I see.

I see that very well.

So, moving on with this review..

No, on second thought, let's put this whole "serious review" thing on pause for a moment. It's clear to me it's going to be one of those reviews.

Yes, I know, I'm sorry. These aren't the most educational reviews to read if you're not a fan, but it is my blog and thus I will allow myself to occasionally indulge.

So let's talk Vinod Khanna, and how I love whatever he's doing in this film, whether it's being good or being bad (he's too good at being bad, isn't he?) or being awkward because there's a girl near (adorable!) or being funny or everything he's wearing. Yes. Everything.

It seems to me that every 70's film with him I watch reminds me of why I love him so much. If there was a way to make the years 1975-1979 last ten years but just in the Hindi film industry, I'd arrange it in a heartbeat just to get more of this deliciousness. He's so good! And he looks so good while being so good (or bad!) and I am lacking in varied vocabulary right now! Let's move on!

This suit! And look at that face! So bad!

And for comparison, see how normal Amitabh's clothes are here. I can only presume this is what happened:


We have all these patterned suits!

(heavy sigh)

And nobody to wear them!

But we've got Vinod Khanna in this film! That man can wear anything and make it work.


Yes, anything.

But how far can we take his tall, dashing good looks?

Let this be a challenge to us!

In summary: everything he wears is great, just fantastic.

Everything he doesn't wear is fine by me as well. I'm open-minded.

So very open-minded.

(A more level-headed review of Hera Pheri coming to this blog at some later point in the future. Well, possibly...)


DG said...

LOL, love this post!! Thanks for allowing yourself to indulge! This is exactly how I feel about Vinod Khanna in his prime. It's amazing how he could wear the craziest outfits and still look fantastic.

Annie said...

This is hilarious! I think you should indulge yourself often. :) I will now have to go move Hera Pheri up nearer to the top of my queue.

veracious said...

DG - Thanks! :D

I've been on a massive Vinod kick as of late. It's lucky for us he was pretty friggin' prolific in the 70's, at his prime.

Annie - Thank you, and yes, Hera Pheri was definitely a fun time. The plot was a tad slow on the second half, and the heroines weren't all that, but Amitabh and Vinod definitely made it worth it.

Nirvana said...

hahaha!!! how one earth have I missed this blog? Its like having jim carrey and Chandler Bing undergo special classes in Indian Cinema (yes, I love both of them, so this IS a compliment).... loved it, stalking you.

veracious said...

Haha, thanks so much! I love Chandler Bing, too. :D