Friday, September 28, 2012

Dharmendra-Hema - simply the cutest pair!

This one is a pretty precious behind-the-scenes shot from the filming of Sholay.. What a find! Adore everything about this.

This is what they did before Photoshop, ladies and gentlemen...

The fashion is questionable but isn't this just adorable otherwise?

Hee, Dependable Duo indeed!

This picture feels almost entirely too intimate. It's either very genuine or very well posed/acted. Regardless of what the surrounding circumstances were - already in love or just playing it on-screen? - I do love this shot. It's just amazing.


Stuart Martin said...

Gorgeous pics, thanks so much for sharing. The jodis were the only part of Sholay that held my interest, lovely to see more shots that show why.

veracious said...

Well, I love Sholay overall like something fierce, but I do agree the chemistries between both couples were what gave the film a little extra something.