Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I really don't need any more Indian DVDs..

No really, I don't. I have piles of unwatched/unfinished films laying all around me in this apartment and I really ought to not buy any new ones. I just counted them and came up with 14. Oh god. One of these weekends I need to just sit my butt down and finish all the ones I began and never finished.

But I also bought some new ones this week. This post is pretty much just therapy; the first stage is admitting you have a problem.

I'm Veracious and I definitely have a problem.

And while, in the understanding company of the readership of this blog, this may not seem like a problem, and while I'm certainly lucky enough not to make an absolutely constant habit of buying Indian DVD's (it's sporadic, rather than regularly scheduled), this is still a problem.

Hoarding is a problem. And this week I've done some Southie hoarding. The above picture is from the latest Vikram starrer Kanthasamy which promises to be a standard masala, where every spice thrown into the mix is psychedelic. I'm as afraid as I am excited.

But this is Vikram, can you really blame me? (You probably should.)

And then the news came down the wire that my second favourite Tamil person of the male sort, Siddharth, just had his most recent Telugu flick come out on DVD.

Oy, I hate you. I love you.

I just don't know anymore. But my wallet does, as it hides deeper into my bag.

Sigh. I threw some extra DVD's onto the Tamil order so by the time both orders get here, I'll have 17 unwatched films in my possession. Always good to have something to watch, I suppose, but it is pretty ridiculous. I mean, what if I never run out? What if I go to my death, still having a backlog of 20-something Indian DVD's waiting for me? (Or microchips or whatever we'll be watching movies on by then!)

These are the things I fear.

So.. what are your DVD-buying weakspots? "Miniscule percentage off" offers? Nehaflix's 5 dollar DVD sales? CD sales? Just being on a website and having a credit card? Collector's syndrome ("well, I own all the other Siddhu Telugu movies, might as well also own this one..")? Share, share! Tell me I'm not alone.


Filmi Girl said...

Hee!!!! I just posted my Sandalwood order this morning!

I own every Golden Star Ganesh movie - including two on VCR that has no subtitles.

Is Kanthaswamy out now?! I'm ordering that, too!!

Anonymous said...

I'm scared to even check out how many unwatched Indian DVDs I have lying around my apartment. My downfall seem to be the Nehaflix $5 sales where I gather lots of slightly older films to my basket and then when I get the package, never seem to find enough time to actually watch them. So you are definitely not alone.

Anonymous said...

U r definitely not alone. My sister buys DVDs regularly and passes them on to me. I have got a pile of Yet to Watch DVDs. I too have a weakness for collecting hindi movies of the 70s. Most of the DVDs contain 2 movies and cost around $5

Nicki said...

Oh gosh girl, I don't even want to think about it....sooo many I haven't watched yet

I just had to make myself not buy any more dvds the other day

sonia_bonjour said...

Haha, same here. But I think it'll be just the same.

I keep telling myself there are loads of DVDs that I haven't watched. But I just keep buying new ones when they're out.

And, I'm only buying Hindi movies... You guys also have Tamil and Telugu ones........

Cindy said...

I've been much better about DVD buying since I signed up for Netflix, but I still buy more movies than I can watch. Mostly it's when there's a coupon deal, like Bhavani's deal right now. And every time I find a new favorite actor, I buy excessive numbers of his films. I don't even know how many films I own that I haven't watched yet, but it's something ridiculous. But, I'm frugal in basically every area of my life, so I figure I'm allowed one expensive habit.

bollyviewer said...

Are you kidding? Fourteen unwatched DVDs is a problem?!!! I have more than 50 of those (a lot of them are old movies that I saw long ago and bought them to re-watch but never got round to it) - some that I bought 6-7 years ago, too. Is there a support group to help us out?

My buying sprees are a combination of collector mania (I even bought a bad comedy for Saif, and heaven knows how many bad ones for Vinod Khanna and Shashi Kapoor!), the irresistible urge to buy favorite or unwatched films, and the inability to resist good prices. Sadly, living in a place with a very well stocked Bollywood DVD store, this is unlikely to change!

ajnabi said...

I still haven't watched "Welcome to Sajjanpur" and I'm already planning my next huge order. Sigh. It's an illness, we can't be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

Ajnabi, I am yet to watch welcome to Sajjanpur too!

Laura said...

Argh! I just counted, and I have 18 I haven't watched yet.

But come on, I have to buy Oy by Friday. I have no choice! And as long as I'm paying the shipping and getting 15% off the whole order, I have to buy all the other Telugu movies on my to buy list... It's very logical. I don't have a problem. Really.

Anonymous said...

The title of your post is pure evil. You might as well say, 'I don't need any more puppies and flowers in my life'!
It is my life goal (perhaps, this is a tad pathetic) to own every movie Vikram has been in, All Chirunjeevi movies, all Surya movies, and if possible I want to find copies of the old political films that were propaganda for the DMK, and all of the old movies of the Vedic and Brahmin mythology created by the Tamil film industry. I haven't even mentioned Prabhas, or Prabu Deva, or Prakash Raj, or Kamal Hassan, etc. ad infinitum

veracious said...

Thanks, guys, your comments made me feel way better. I'm not alone in this and even better, I'm not even worst off when it comes to buying movies and not watching them. :D

bollyviewer - Okay, so I guess 14 ain't that bad.. :)

Cindy - I'm the same, trying to pinch pennies at the supermarket but not at the online stores filled with DVD goodness.

inotherwoods - Whoah! See, I'm not a collector at heart. I mean, I want to have a nice movie collection with my favourites (as in favourite movies) but I'm not going for a fully comprehensive library. Good luck with your quest, though!

Sakari said...

Nehaflix sent me the wrong DVD. When I complained, they told me to return it using their return label. But that label only covers US postage, and I live in Europe. When I complained about this, their replies stopped.

Is this normal Nehaflix policy?