Monday, November 30, 2009

Introducing ... Indian Film Advent Calendar!

I got an idea last night.

Tomorrow it's December already and since I went through a bit of a blogging slump around April-May-June-July this year, I thought I'd make up for it by making December my most blog-active month of the year. Since most of my readership - if stats are believed - comes from the US and India, two places that don't have this tradition of advent calendars, let me explain.

Though I'm not Christian myself, the holiday of Christmas (or joulu as we say Finland) is still celebrated in Finland as it's a Christian country. Since it's obviously commercialized and has definite pagan roots, I don't really see it as a religious holiday, though. Even the Finnish word for it, I believe, is of pre-Christian origin. Finns, unlike some Christian corners of the world, celebrate this holiday on Christmas Eve (24th of December).

An advent calendar is a way to count down the days to the Christmas Eve. It's a calendar of 24 slots, and each morning you open the slot corresponding to the day (so 1st slot on Dec 1st, 2nd on the 2nd etc) until Christmas Eve morning, when you open the biggest slot. In paper calendars, the slot reveals a picture of some sort. On chocolate calendars, you get a little chocolate. You can naturally make your own as well. Wikipedia tells more of this tradition.

Nowadays, we also get "joulukalenteri" (Finnish word for advent calendar) on TV as a 24-part children's TV programming (a few years back there was also a hilarious more adult-orientated TV advent calendar) and online, different websites having their own calendars published every day. Newspapers also have little column space devoted for this. There's really any number of ways you can do this and even though they're considered something geared towards children, I don't see why one should be so grown up as to not follow it.

So what's the idea of an Indian Film Advent Calendar for this blog? Simply, 24 posts, one per day, starting tomorrow. They can be reviews, screencaps, pictures, youtube clips, rambles.. I'll try not to limit myself; the objective is just to post daily. Because of the subject matter, and because I'm not a very Christmassy person, there is nothing about the posts to celebrate Christmas per se. The format is inspired by this tradition; the content won't be. Since I'm not Christian, there won't be promotion of that religion, either, obviously.

Since I'm going all Filmi Girl on your blogfeeds in terms of activity, I'll try to keep the posts short and simple, so you'll actually have the mental power to click on them on a near-daily basis. No exhaustive analysis, unless in total jest, don't worry.


ajnabi said...

Yay for more veracious to read! It's a wonderful idea. :-)

theBollywoodFan said...

Yep, great idea! I was introduced to the advent calendar via a Lego set that came with 24 surprise treats (there was a little box for each day, with a new mini-figure or other surprise within)...a Bollywood-themed advent calendar sounds awesome. Look forward to it!

Beth said...

Fabbalous! And definitely better than the crappy chocolate that comes in most advent calendars :)

veracious said...

Thanks for the support, guys. :D

Filmbuff said...

Looking forward to reading your posts on your Advent Calendar!

Anonymous said...

Great! Bring it on. An excellent idea. I'll be back.
All the best!

Darshit said...

What an Idea!! Yay