Saturday, April 14, 2012

This is too cool: the Enthiran that wasn't from 1998.

A Facebook site called Tamil Film Updates posted this folder of promotional images for Shankar's "Robo", with the following description:

Years back, Shankar started "Robo" with Kamal Haasan & Preity Zinta to play the roles of Rajjinikanth & Aishwarya in the present Enthiran. But the project didn't take off at that time due to some issues. These are the exclusive pics from the photoshoot.

This was in 1998. I imagine the film would not have been half as epic as special effects, Shankar's greatest love next to a good social message, weren't exactly fully developed in the late 1990s, but I would've enjoyed this pairing, if nothing else, in these roles. In my Enthiran review I didn't give very high marks to anybody in this film for acting, including Rajnikanth. Aishwarya's lack of acting could largely be blamed on the abysmal writing for the character. Regardless, it's an interesting "what might have been"..

I recommend you check out the rest of the album, if nothing else than for the late 90's sci-fi get-ups.


Mette said...

If the film would've been with Preity, I might have completed it. Turned it off after 40 minutes, it was just too much ;).

veracious said...

Oh no! It is a bit much but it's meant to be just that wild and over-the-top... That's pretty much it's only charm. I hope you at least watched the finale spectacular on youtube.

I don't know, I liked it enough for one watch, certainly. There are messy films, but this was an entertaining messy film..

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