Sunday, April 8, 2012

Project Consistency.

As fun as blogging is, it often takes a surprising amount of time and effort. Often I'll have an idea for a blog post and then find myself spending closer to two hours typing, editing, looking up pictures for it. I know, my blog posts don't come off as especially honed to perfection, but I do tinker with them, and that takes big chunks of my free-time.

And to be honest? I'm lazy. That's why I still haven't got around to doing some reviews I've meant to have done ages and ages ago. That's why some reviews just have promotional photos and not screencaps. And when there's a time in my life when an hour of free-time is precious, I usually don't spend it blogging.

But I don't want to let this blog fall by the wayside even when my life does get busy, so I'm going to try to write and then queue up at least one post per month for the rest of 2012. Right now I've got an obscene amount of free-time so hopefully this will work.

What you can expect:

  • Reviews of films I've been meaning to do but haven't for the longest bloody time (including Kandasamy, Ayan).
  • Reviews of films with screencaps that I previously reviewed without screencaps after the first viewing (Kaminey, bunch of others).
  • Just random picture entries (I've got so many vintage Hema Malini pictures that are gorgeous and deserve an entry of their own).
  • Random song entries, because I don't talk about music half as much as I should on this blog.

Let's hope this entry works as a commitment device for me to keep this promise..


maxqnz said...

Excellent! If writing your blog seemed like a burdensome chore to you, I'm sure that would be reflected in your writing. I look forward to your posts, and anything that helps you continue to enjoy blogging can only be a good thing.

veracious said...

Thanks! :)

Mette said...

It's true, blogging takes a lot of time... and I hate it when I have a bad conscience because I feel I haven't been posting for a long time - that's so stupid!