Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Latest from a smart, funny individual!

...I'm just kidding, this is really another one in what is becoming a series on the depraved mind of Uday Chopra. No picture for this post because if the option is posting a picture of Uday Chopra or not posting a picture at all, I'm going for the latter.

So what is Uday up to in his corner of the Twitterverse? Well, either he is being superbly clever and witty and radically new, or then he is in some serious need of professional, psychological help. You decide. Look, I'll just come out and say it: HE'S INVENTED A SECOND PERSONALITY FOR HIMSELF.

You read that right. He's striving to be schizophrenic. This over-privileged s.o.b, I swear to Pran my head is about to explode.

Okay, I must admit in all seriousness I am not sure if he's doing that. But he is posting quotes by himself under an anagram of his own name - Daya Prochu. That's sane, right? I mean, we all do that, right? ....yeah.

Not only is Daya Prochu a representation of Uday himself, he is Uday's dark side.

"Virtues separate us...its our vices that bring us more reason to be bad!" - Daya Prochu

"Hope and Faith are always there for those who want them...for the rest, there's Vodka" - Daya Prochu

"I'm just your regular, average, everyday Devil Worshiper" - Daya Prochu

...this is actually, genuinely rather frightening. Who does this? Why would anybody do this, in all seriousness? And yes, of course it could well be a joke but's not funny in the least. It's lame, not to mention completely freaky.

"The only time it's ok to show someone you care, is when you don't really" - Daya Prochu

Really freaky.

Of course, then there's the typical tweets where he speaks binary (uhh..) and rambles at length about God shared a secret with him which allowed him to give up on Hope and I'm not even going to pretend to understand.

Still, he is thinking about quitting acting, a decision that actually makes me sympathetic towards him.

But Daya Prochu? I mean, what the ---

Uday, I think I'm done with taking the occasional dive into your Twitter and emerging slimy but victorious by the power of snark because I do genuinely think you might need to talk to somebody. That somebody isn't the internet. Adieu.


Filmi Girl said...

Oh, bless your heart! I would NEVER have known about this except for your brave venturing into the twitter feed of *shudder* Ewwwday Chopra.


Anonymous said...

Oh, give Uday a break, I mean who else is going to quote him but his nom de plume on twitter. It must be incredibly disheartening to watch your older brother follow in your fathers footsteps creating memorable films and even with all your advantages at getting in the business your greatest accomplishment is having found the jacket SRK wears in DDLJ. Of course Uday rambles on about God wouldn't you if you had to live his life. Uday just needs to accept the fact that in life some people have talent and some make the chai.

As for Uday quitting acting it's hard to quit doing something you have never done, now if Uday wants to stop mugging in his brothers productions great.

"Uday"... "Yes Adi".. "Where is my chai!".."Coming brother"..."Uday that's a great cup of chai!" Attempt by Uday of sheepish grin, "Thanks"
Yash to Pamela "Finally something Uday's good at."

eliza bennet said...

Ok now I feel for sorry for Uday of all people. This is disturbing yaar. Even if he meant it as a sick joke.

Beth said...

Um.... Wow. That's just so odd! I'd love to find out it's all a joke, but if even people like us who are big fans of snark and sarcasm can't tell for sure, then he needs to work on his writing. Maybe if he quits acting he'll have more time to devote to saner tweeting? :)

Anonymous said...

lol.Why do you wanna judge him.
Everyone has a darker side.Few unlucky ones just dont realise accept or see it.

Move On!!