Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fifty Bollywood films BBC thinks I ought to own.

Thanks to Beth for linking to this - it's a great excuse to detail some movies I've seen, and whether I appreciate them enough to make this list. Link: BBC Asian Network's 50 Bollywood movies

There's plenty of films I don't own and have not even watched but here are some random comments.
  1. Black? Devdas? I know I'm sometimes in the minority as a Bhansali nay-sayer but come on. Really now.
  2. Guru and Yuva are both quizzical choices. I'd like to have one or the other, for Abhishek's fantastic performances in both, but Guru just was not overall great and Yuva had plenty of boring, trite stuff, too. Bombay I agree with fully, though. It might be my favourite Mani Ratnam film - if nothing else, it is amazingly touching and moving, guaranteed to make you cry.
  3. Agree with Beth on this - Munnabhai MBBS ought to be Lage Raho Munnabhai. The first one is good, the second one is absolutely stellar and one of my favourite post-2000 movies.
  4. Naseeb - goddammit, I own this movie, it has Amitabh, it has Hema and it's a Manmohan Desai. Why haven't I seen this yet? I need to prioritize!
  5. Rangeela, wow, really? Does anybody remember anything but bad fashion from that movie? If I was forced to pick a cheesy, classic but not amazing Aamir Khan film from the 90's, I would go with Raja Hindustani. It's not a clever film, far from it, but it has tons of heart. Rangeela has none, unless you count shots of the area where Urmila's heart is, I guess.
  6. Some of my ultimate favourites on the list; Seeta aur Geeta, Sholay, Dil Chahta Hai, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Lagaan, Omkara, Rang De Basanti. I also really like Maine Pyar Kiya, Mughal-e-Azam, the previously mentioned Munnabhai, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Good on you for including this, list. Not all faith is lost.
  7. Sarkar? Yawn. Life in a Metro? What the hell! That one was mediocre at best! Page 3? I don't know, I'm not really into these 'exposé' type of films. Yes, media and the glitz and glam of celebrities hides a lot of dirt and ugly behavior. Big shocker.
  8. Films from this list I really want to see: Maachis, Taare Zameen Par (European DVD release, please? anybody?), Pinjar and of course, Naseeb.
Two posts within 24 hours, would you believe it? Go me!

PS. Should each of us Bollywood bloggers create our own "must own" 50 film list? I'm thinking while it might be a favourites list for most, and of course, excludes those who haven't really even seen 50 movies (my numbers are only at 200 at this point..) but it's a good way to evaluate whether you think you've seen a great variety in movies or if your viewing has been more focused towards your biggest favourites or whatever. 25 must owns might be more doable? I'll sleep on this, maybe work on my list tomorrow.


Darshit said...

Yup, i will surely go 4 my list. But rather i wil make a list of movies I 'own' and would list out best from them (easy, no?)

Anita said...

I think *I'm* in the minority that loved Munnabhai MBBS SO MUCH MORE than Lage Raho Munnabhai. Actually, I found most parts of Lage Raho kinda silly. Munnabhai was amazing and every scene was heart-warming, simple and wonderful. LRM tried too hard, imho.

As for the other stuff you said, a lot of those movies they listed surprised me as well. And if they were really trying to be ambitious and include older films as well, they missed a LOT of good ones. Pakeezah? Guddi? Deewar? Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam? There are like a million others I could list...

I don't really think there's a way to make a Top 50 Must Watch list without letting your subjective opinion seep through. Not possible.

veracious said...

Darshit - Well, it'd be hypocritical to ask people to own movies you don't yourself own, or at least plan on getting so yeah..

Anita - Yes, of course one's opinions will seep through. And yeah, I'm not sure what criteria they were considering. The list is not trying to be too historically minded but no Guru Dutt movies was a surprise for me.

Beth said...

I would gladly participate in any such list - tell me what I'm listing and the criteria for choosing and I am THERE. :)

I liked Rangeela well enough when I saw it but I don't have any lasting impressions of it except for the toe-sucking. Shudder. Raja Hindustani is one I'd like to see again, now that I've seen the original it's based on, which I disliked (and would also like to see again to try to better inform my criticisms of it).

ajnabi said...

I remember Nae of The Bolly List saying that Rangeela's one of her faves. At least I think I do. Anyways, I could probably do a top ten or maybe even twenty, but I've only seen about 60 Indian films (I say Indian because I've been watching some more Southie stuff too) and couldn't do a 50 Must-Haves except by others' recommendations.

JJC said...

i agree with most of the list, but im def making my personal top 50 right now!

dri said...

Ha, I'd be very interested in your reaction to Pinjar. It's such a strange uncomfortable film and, even as a rabid Urmila fan --- yes, I adore Rangeela, hee --- I'm never sure if she's doing a good job or overacting terribly.

But oh yes, I'd own Yuva purely for Abhi and Rani's story. My god, that was so good. Black is too bloody painful to go through more than once, I reckon, and surely movies you own should be movies you could watch over and over again. Hmmm ...

But oh yes, definitely looking forward to a personal top 50!

Filmi Girl said...

I'm with Beth! Let's do a Bolly Blog World Must Own 25 Movies List Day!

Thanks for linking to this!

veracious said...

Beth - Well, "must own" is a pretty straight forward concept. I'm imagining a rich stranger coming up to me, asking what they should buy in order to build a 50/25 movie Indian film catalogue. After I would let them know about my limitations, they'd be all "oh your taste is perfect, just gimme a list!" and after that, I would craft one. Also, considering my own collection, I have films that I might not absolutely adore but I like showing to people.. Or have thought about showing to people. It's nice to have a varied library. But make your own calls on how to define "must own" if you want!

ajnabi - All with time. I started crafting my own and even just getting to those 25 is quite difficult..

JJC - Good luck with it!

dri - I've heard good things about it and I adored her in EHT.. I'm pretty sure when I get to Pinjar, I will like it.

Filmi girl - Let's do it, yay! :D

Beth said...

Hmmm. HMMMMMM. I will try! April is going to be catch-up month on the blog, and I think I could squeeze in a project that's based on stuff I've already seen! In fact, that's EXACTLY the kind of project I need :)