Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rumba thanks!* An improved Southie to-see-list.

Christmas season brings out kindness in people's souls. A very kind soul who goes by the name of Nina on BollyWHAT? message boards decided to join the season of giving and ridding herself of some of the South Indian film DVD's she'd acquired and watched, but hadn't quite enjoyed enough to keep in her collection. I was one of the people who offered a new home for her collection as I saw a few titles in there that I was very curious about, but perhaps not willing to buy (online orders can be pricy!).

Today the package arrived to my post office and I went to pick it up. Lo' and behold, a lot of Southie goodness awaits me!

Indian - A film with Kamal Hassan by Shankar, that crazy Tamil director whose films I enjoy so much. This looks good. (Tamil)

Happy - Another chance to see Allu Arjun! Bless the man, I didn't like his acting at all in Bunny but he dances and looks so good I want to give him another chance and this certainly looks like a film that will maybe persuade me he is not just a pretty face. (Telugu)

Indra & Tagore - I am ever the skeptic when it comes to uber-popular moustachied older guys from the Southern states, but if I could love Rajnikanth in a film or two, why wouldn't Chiranjeevi have something going for him as well? (Telugu)

Run - Mmmmaddy. Oh, and this one has Vivek and an A R Rahman (or should I make that Golden Globe winner Rahman) score. I know it won't rock my world but I anticipate watching this anyway. (Tamil)

Sri Anjaneyam - I have no idea what this is about but it's got some young-ish looking dude, Charmme from that Siddhu movie with three heroines, and Prakash Raj. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's worth a glance. (Telugu)

Poovellam Kettupar - Surya and Jyothika and perhaps this is not their bestest film ever together, but they're still cute so ...why not! It's nice to see a now-married-couple on-screen in a film from the past. Also, did you know "kettu" is Finnish for 'fox'? (Tamil)

I'm really excited. After the blahfest that was Bheema, I'm really looking forward to any potentially good Southie film experience. And seeing Telugu cinema beyond Siddharth films is beyond exciting. Yay!

* Rumba in this case does not refer to Cuban music/dance but the Tamil word "rumba" which as I understand it means "very, much". So 'rumba thanks' is Chennai colloquial Tamil for "thanks a lot"! It's one of the first little bits of Tamil I picked up from films.


Filmi Girl said...

I don't know if you saw my post on my very first Kannada film "Mungaru Male" but I am SOLD on South Indian films.


So little time and so many movies...

PS You're watching the new Hanadan, right?! Episode 4 was AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blogspot somehow...I can't believe someone from Finland is watching Indian films and blogging about them. To be honest, you have seen much more Indian films than me. BTW, it's pronounced as 'ROMBA' with short 'o' vowel sound in Tamil.

- Mohan A R

memsaab said...

Look forward to your reviews...I'm thinking I'm ready to start watching more south Indian fillums! They seem strangely appropriate for the frozen winter :)

Emily said...

Oh, Bunny was awful (and I say that as an Allu Arjun fan)! Happy is much, much better.

I really liked Indra...Tagore not so much, but the copy I saw didn't have subtitles so that might have helped. And now that I think about it, Tagore did have a pretty lengthy Jyothika cameo that was one of my favorite parts.

ajnabi said...

Hey, can't wait to read what you have to say about them--that's quite a haul!

Anonymous said...

If you were living in the Southern Hemisphere, I too would have contributed to your pile of South Indian movies! Down under to be precise!

Happy watching. Must say that you doon't have a very good pile there(no criticism meant here - thanks to the generosity of the person who has sent them to you). there are many good movies other than the ones mentioned here.

celluloidrant said...

Minor nitpick: Run has music by Vidyasagar, not ARR.

Hope you enjoy watching these movies. Will await your reviews!


Jules said...

Sri Anjaneyam!!

I remember really liking that movie when i saw it. It had a real heart to it.

Check it out in the South Bollywood thead on Bollywhat. Sunny recommended it to me ages ago and a couple of people have seen it since and liked it too.

Maybe you will at least get a couple of good films out of your new outcast collection.

veracious said...

filmi_girl - I saw! Sadly I know zilch about Kannada films, sorry!

Mohan - Thanks for the correction. I probably haven't seen as many films as you have (my count is still under 200!) but thanks for the comment. :)

anon - Yes, I know, I'm not expecting any of these to be a mind-blowingly good movie .. otherwise the original owner would've probably kept them ;)

Ramsu - The DVD box for Run says the music is by "A M RATMAN". I glanced at that and read it as ARR. My bad. But is A M RATMAN Vidyasagar's newest pseudonym or ..? :D

Jules - Great to know you liked it! I'll check it sometime soon..

celluloidrant said...

Ah, ok. There's a typo plus a mistake. The producer's name is A. M. Ratnam :-D