Thursday, January 1, 2009

Beginning the year with a superficial thought.

This is going to sound awful whatever way I put it, but I watched Saawariya (on Region 2 DVD because it's one of the three Bollywood films that has been granted that pleasure) last night and ...

... Ranbir Kapoor looks a lot like his mother, Neetu Singh. Only Neetu is gorgeous and Ranbir just looks funny.

He may be the only guy who I approve of the emo look for, though.

Review later.


Darshit said...

That's it?
Was he funny?
I thought of full on review. You'll be suprised to know but Saawariya is one of my all time favorites. Though in India, it was not received very well. But yes, me too, haven't wrote full review. Only half i could write. That too, after a year.

Waiting for ur take.

Beth said...

He's totally man-Neetu. It's eerie.

PS My word verification word is "trusness" - the state of being trussed, minus an S?

Andromache said...

Ranbir Kapoor is weird for me. Like, I think he looks pretty strange, but I sort of like it all the same. Hmm.

ajnabi said...

Ranbir is so... odd in stills, but in action he's freakin' off the charts with charisma. I kept on blushing the whole time I watched Saawariya; it was utterly pathetic.

theBollywoodFan said...

Happy New Year! I didn't dislike Saawariya, but do think it could have been much better, because the art direction, music, and cast were certainly a lot of fun. Sonam Kapoor wearing a dupatta (swoon)!

veracious said...

Darshit - I did say it would be a superficial thought..

Beth - Man-Neetu is too right.

Andromache - Glad to know he works for some people! :D

ajnabi - Heee.

Thebollywoodfan - You too! And yes, indeed.