Sunday, March 4, 2012

Muhjse Fraaandship Karoge: triple-A rated Y-Film.

Buzz or hype are both ridiculous-sounding words for a very real phenomenon, which can often make or break a film-watching experience. If you've heard a film praised to high heavens, it can be hard to reconcile the fact that you didn't find it that good. As a rule, I tend to avoid reading that much about films before seeing them, to avoid this, but sometimes, you've really got to glad for the existence of buzz.

This is one of those times.

I'm sure not that many of us have been keeping a keen eye on Y-Films, Yash Raj Films' youthful out-shoot. Their first film, Luv Ka The End, wasn't exactly popular with the audiences. But thankfully despite this, some people did go see Mujhse Fraandship Karoge (that's three A's, just so you know!) and reported back, and that reporting back seemed to unanimous: this is a fun, little film, definitely worth seeing.

And so, with this little online buzz behind it, I checked out MFK and also found it delightful. The premise is a bit of silly spin on You've Got Mail, which was in itself a silly spin on The Little Shop Around the Corner: two people, who in real life loathe one another, and are constantly running into arguments, interact with each anonymously via other means (in this case, Facebook) and discover to have great chemistry together. You can see the premise coming a mile away, but the way the film deals with this and the complicated little web of lies the leads form, is refreshing. The film is well-directed, well-edited, and well-acted. It doesn't reach for mountains but manages to be a better film than a lot of films with bigger budgets and bigger stars.

So consider this short review another push for more eyes to see this flick. It's not without flaws (for example, I had my doubts whether the film portrays the hip youthful college culture as accurately as it wants to), but it aims for something and absolutely succeeds in that aim, in my eyes. It's a good, fluffy Hinglishy film, that doesn't fail to entertain.


Mette said...

I was crazy about Band Baaja Baaraat but haven't seen any of the actual Y-films - thank you for recommending this one, I had hoped it would be good because the idea sounded promising.

maxqnz said...

"it aims for something and absolutely succeeds in that aim" - a good summary, right there. I found its lack of cynicism refreshing, just a sweet good-natured film that was easy to enjoy.

veracious said...

Mette - Hope you enjoy it. It certainly was a good enough time for me.

Maxqnz - Yep, certainly no cynicism here. :D

The Bolly 'Hood said...

I enjoyed this film. Not as much as most did, but it was cute!

Interestingly, I actually really liked Luv Ka The End! I heard really bad things about it and was skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised!