Friday, September 4, 2009

Mini-reviews, recent films edition.

First, a note on the silence. As you know, I visited South Korea last May. After I came back, I had a bit of free time for myself, and then I began my summer job, which has been keeping me busy and sucking my energy ever since. I still watch movies, but since I also try to meet friends during my limited free time, it's been harder to take the time to screencap and review the movies that I watch. Apparently earning money and blogging about Indian cinema don't go hand-in-hand! I'm just not hardcore a blogger. Apologies all around.

So expect eventual longer reviews on all of these. For now, mini-reviews!

Aaja Naachle - A recent-ish rewatch, as my NIF friend, who shall be called Mog from now on, adores Rang De Basanti and specifically Kunal Kapoor. As can be expected, she was filled with glee by this movie, and I enjoyed it again, for the beautiful dancing, the fluffy story and Akshaye, Akshaye, oh and did I mention Akshaye? How tragic is it that he's painted as the villain here? This is probably the last Akshaye role I will ever like, considering I don't want to see anything of him post-Race but it's a role I cherish all the more because of it. It's a mildly good film but it wins me over with every watch; Madhuri makes the pieces magically come together.

Honeymoon Travels, Ltd - Another moderately good movie that ended up being delightful. I knew I had to see this thanks to Carla's fangirling of the film and it was so very worth it, despite the fact I feel like every couple's story had miles to go and when the film ended, I was vaguely unsatisfied. Still, so much goodness here. I adored Boman and Shabana (of course!), Abhay, Kay Kay Menon and Raima Sen, I even liked Amisha Patel quite a bit. This movie is one of those odd ones, so imperfect but still so memorable.

Tum Haseen Main Jawaan - One from the Hema & Dharmendra pile! I actually still haven't finished this, because I began watching and my brain figuratively melted inside my skull for how slapstick and goofy the comedy in this film is. Simply unbelievable. I suppose I'll get back to it, as Dharmendra and Hema just met in the scenes I stopped watching at, but oh my! The less baby-on-a-boat comedy I have to witness, the better.

Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam - Filed under "Siddharth makes a Telugu family entertainer, the world falls to his feet". Only this one took a while to get good for me, and I still think the main actress did a better job than Siddharth himself. But never the less, it has Prakash Raj being World's Greatest Dad and it's delightful and has great music. I'll rewatch, screencap and review it later, you can count on it.

Kotha Bangaru Lokam - Oh gosh. Oh my. This one took me by surprise, because even as I saw it being praised and as I added it to my shopping basket online when ordering the previously mentioned KIKK, I wasn't sure if I'd actually like it. But I absolutely loved it. This is one of those cutesy Telugu family entertainer youthful love stories where every piece fits; it's just enough silliness, goofiness, cheese but heartfelt philosophies and teachings and moments and awkwardness of teenage and easing into adulthood.

See, I loved it so much I screencapped it immediately. How often does that occur? How about barely ever?

Yeah, I really loved it. But expect more banter when I settle into the study year and have time to procrastinate and blog about all of these in length.

Hope you're all doing great and enjoying the beginning of fall. It's good to be back!


Anonymous said...

Yay!! A new post after almost a month!. You are too good a writer to be staying away for so long. Cannot wait for the detailed reviews. Kotha bangaru lokam... so its worth a watch, huh?


Pessimisissimo said...

Veracious, welcome back!

I completely agree with you about Aaja Nachle--it winds up transcending the familiar "Let's put on a show" cliches thanks to Madhuri, Akshaye, and the rest of the super-talented cast.

I do understand about how life can interfere with blogging. But here's hoping that in the future you find many occasions to procrastinate! :-)

Jules said...

Kotha Bangaru Lokam...add to list!

Thanks for the recommendation, there are so many south indian film released but the good ones are so hard to find! So thanks for the rec!

veracious said...

Kiran - Thanks, you are far too kind. And yes, KBL is definitely worth a viewing.

Pessimissimo - I'm glad Aaja Naachle has fans, though. Critics might've hated it but the ones who it worked for, make sure it gets watched on DVD.

Jules - You are most welcome. I know how you feel, that's why my Southie viewing is so limited, no idea which films are ever worth my time..

Darshit said...

Oh I like both Aaja Nachle and Honeymoon...they are quite fun to watch.

Nd now i have to see Konchem Ishtam... just for Siddharth.

theBollywoodFan said...

Aaja Nachle -- Madhuri makes the pieces magically come together.

Yes, thank you! I never understood why the film didn't do better. Count me among its (actually, Madhuri's!) fans! That Laila Majnoon bit at the end was slick.

And because I saw 'Honeymoon Travels' and 'Just Married' very close to each other, I tend to confuse them, LOL.

Darshit said...

ah, thebollywoodfan,
that Laila Majnu thing, is just too perfect, never have i have seen a musical in movie.